Take action TODAY to stop ACA repeal

The vote to repeal the ACA is now scheduled for TODAY!

If you can go to your representative’s office and make your case in person, today’s the day!

If you can’t, keep making calls!

Here are the changes to the bill demanded by the House Freedom Caucus that make it so much worse. Remember, this bill didn’t get a vote yesterday because some members thought it was brutal enough.

This bill is terrible and it’s getting worse. What moderates may not know is just how bad eliminating essential health benefits are.

  • Covering pre-existing conditions would only be on paper. Plans will not over basic services, even prescription drugs, that people need to treat their conditions to stay healthy.
  • Charging women more than men. No longer requiring plans to cover maternity care would mean that insurance companies would once again be able to penalize women and charge them more.
  • Removing Essential Health Benefits effectively obliterates out-of-pocket caps and reinstates annual and lifetime limits. Because annual and lifetime limits apply only to essential health benefits, insurers could once again put a cap on how much care one receives but not on how much people owe. Those with employer-sponsored coverage will be at risk too.

ASK: Vote no. We need every member to PUBLICLY oppose the health care repeal bill as soon as possible. We need people to publicly say they are going to vote no so when the time comes for them to vote we already have them on record so they will be less likely to flip.

URGENT #txlege Opportunity for Action on Jan. 31


UPDATE: We just received word that this hearing will recess sometime around 10:30 am, and will likely reconvene some time after NOON. Please plan your day accordingly if you plan to attend to give testimony.

PLEASE RSVP and plan to join us at the Capitol on Tuesday starting at 9 a.m. in room E1.036!

Texans targeted by drastic cuts to the state’s health and human services (HHS) budget (Article 2) need your support on January 31st!

If you think Texas should have a robust Medicaid program, strong supports for children with special needs, provide services to adults with disabilities so they can work and live full lives, and don’t want the Texas legislature to slash funding, SHOW UP.

Come to the Capitol and show your support for resisting the Senate’s proposed budget. We need folks who can:

  • Attend the hearing and keep the room full to show our support for halting cuts to Medicaid
  • Sign up to give oral testimony (more details to come in comments below)
  • Write and turn in written testimony (more details to come in comments below)
  • Speak with the media about how cuts to the state’s Medicaid budget harm them and/or their families.

The committee is taking public testimony on the HHS section of the Senate Budget put forth by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Sen. Jane Nelson. The Senate budget includes nearly half a billion dollars in cuts to health and human services, which would devastate medical care and services that Texas children and families rely on. The Senate bill also fails to provide funding to cover Medicaid for the full two years of the next budget.

People who will be harmed by these cuts include:

  • Children who get their health insurance through Medicaid
  • People with disabilities
  • Low-income seniors, and
  • Pregnant women

Your presence and your testimony can make a difference for millions of Texans.

We Went to Sen. Cruz’ Office and Then This Happened…

Today 129 Texans went to visit Sen. Ted Cruz’ Austin office to raise their voices about the president’s corrupt and unqualified cabinet nominees. This is what happened. It was amazing!

Thank you to everyone who came out, and to everyone who had to stay at home or at work, but made calls today instead.

Thank you to everyone who spoke and shared your story. Your courage to show up and to speak up is empowering and encouraging to everyone! #Resist

Film credit: Andrew Matthews and Katie Graham

TONIGHT: Emergency Call with Indivisible, MoveOn, and Working Families


Let’s take the energy and excitement of this weekend’s marches and actions and keep it going!

Join Indivisible, MoveOn.org, and Working Families Party leaders for a live call and training this Sunday on how to take immediate and effective action to block the Trump/Republican agenda, starting with RALLIES AT OUR SENATORS’ DISTRICT OFFICES THIS TUESDAY to stop Trump’s Cabinet.

Sign up to agree to receive a telephone call from MoveOn.org to join the conference at this link and join TONIGHT Sunday, January 22 at 8 p.m. ET (7 CT/6 MT/5 PT).

Details for the action on Tuesday:

When: Tuesday, January 24 at noon (local time)

Where: Senators John Cornyn’s and Ted Cruz’s Austin District Offices
Chase Tower, 221 W. Sixth St.
Austin, TX 78701

This event is hosted and organized by MoveOn. All protests are required to abide by local laws and be peaceful.



Stop buying into the bullshit

Donald Trump may not be a genius, but he’s not stupid, either. What he is is crafty, and he knows his craft — bullshit, that is — very well. He’s a master of it.
And people keep buying it — even the swanky “liberal elite”.

Peegate is only the latest example. Last night, the Twittersphere gleefully exploded with humor at the expense of the Tweeter-in-Chief over the unsubstantiated intelligence reports which included salacious details about Trump’s alleged kinks. Let’s leave aside, for the moment, the absolute horror of mainstream media, already circling the drain after the highly successful campaign to brand them as part of the fake news phenomenon, reporting on unverified claims as if they were true.

How can we not see the glaring, loud, unsubtle pattern here?

Donald Trump is trolling America. Every time, every single time, he says or does something particularly egregious, or an especially salacious or disgusting story about him emerges, it is for one purpose and one purpose only: to distract from the real story of the hour.

In the case of Peegate, it’s the terrifying prospect of Russia, a foreign government which may have recently been our ally but certainly is not our friend, tampering in an election campaign; not only tampering, but apparently, having playing a long game; and our own intelligence agencies knowing about it but saying nothing, even when one of their own used this information to deal a death blow to the Clinton candidacy.

We know Trump’s game, and we must not continue to allow our heads to be turned by this transparent and outrageous ploy.

Don’t help fuel the flames by sharing or contributing to the latest fluffy furor. Save your outrage and your energy for the issues that matter, and encourage your friends to do the same. Direct their attention, and your own, back to what matters: America is experiencing a hostile takeover, and increasingly it is looking like a foreign government is deeply involved and dangerously entangled with our own. The Republicans are busily aiding and abetting this.

Make no mistake, this is a war. It is a war of words, and bids fair to become a bloodless coup that will bring down democracy. So keep your head on straight. Think critically. Investigate your sources. Question everything.

Commit. Act. Resist.