Stop buying into the bullshit

Donald Trump may not be a genius, but he’s not stupid, either. What he is is crafty, and he knows his craft — bullshit, that is — very well. He’s a master of it.
And people keep buying it — even the swanky “liberal elite”.

Peegate is only the latest example. Last night, the Twittersphere gleefully exploded with humor at the expense of the Tweeter-in-Chief over the unsubstantiated intelligence reports which included salacious details about Trump’s alleged kinks. Let’s leave aside, for the moment, the absolute horror of mainstream media, already circling the drain after the highly successful campaign to brand them as part of the fake news phenomenon, reporting on unverified claims as if they were true.

How can we not see the glaring, loud, unsubtle pattern here?

Donald Trump is trolling America. Every time, every single time, he says or does something particularly egregious, or an especially salacious or disgusting story about him emerges, it is for one purpose and one purpose only: to distract from the real story of the hour.

In the case of Peegate, it’s the terrifying prospect of Russia, a foreign government which may have recently been our ally but certainly is not our friend, tampering in an election campaign; not only tampering, but apparently, having playing a long game; and our own intelligence agencies knowing about it but saying nothing, even when one of their own used this information to deal a death blow to the Clinton candidacy.

We know Trump’s game, and we must not continue to allow our heads to be turned by this transparent and outrageous ploy.

Don’t help fuel the flames by sharing or contributing to the latest fluffy furor. Save your outrage and your energy for the issues that matter, and encourage your friends to do the same. Direct their attention, and your own, back to what matters: America is experiencing a hostile takeover, and increasingly it is looking like a foreign government is deeply involved and dangerously entangled with our own. The Republicans are busily aiding and abetting this.

Make no mistake, this is a war. It is a war of words, and bids fair to become a bloodless coup that will bring down democracy. So keep your head on straight. Think critically. Investigate your sources. Question everything.

Commit. Act. Resist.

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  1. I love it.
    Review the line “and bids fair to become a bloodless coup”. I think you meant to write bids or fairs.

    1. Thanks, Nick, but no, “bids fair” is a real turn of phrase which simply means “it’s likely to”. 🙂

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