Take Action Newsletter: Support background checks at gun shows; end the #FakeEmergency; Roger Williams Town Hall; #TXLEGE lobby days

Take Action

Two big votes in the House this week:

Tell your reps: Support the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 (H.R.8)

Congress is voting this week on H.R.8, which would close the loophole in the current law to require background checks for firearm purchases online and at gun shows. It’s a small, but important step toward ending the epidemic of gun violence. Rep. Lloyd Doggett is a cosponsor (thanks, Lloyd!) and the bill has five Republican cosponsors as well (none, sadly, from Texas).

If you have been personally affected by gun violence, and are able to share your story, your message will be even more persuasive. Tell your Republican reps:

  • Support H.R.8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019
  • The bill has five Republican cosponsors
  • The bill utilizes the current background checks process in the United States to ensure individuals prohibited from gun possession are not able to obtain firearms.
  • H.R.8 would close a loophole by requiring background checks for every firearm sale, including at gun shows and online.

Write your reps a letter now

Watch Rep. Roger Williams tell a student constituent why he does not support H.R.8.

Tell your reps: Support Rep. Castro’s resolution to end the #FakeNationalEmergency

Trump declared a national emergency to build his vanity wall after signing the funding bill that will lead to even more detention, deportation, and family separations at the border. This is a full-fledged attack on our democracy.

The House is voting this week on Rep. Castro’s resolution to end the Fake National Emergency. Then it will go to the Senate. Ultimately it will need a veto-proof majority.

So write your reps now!

Statement from Rep. Lloyd Doggett:

How your voices are making a difference

  • All 12 Senate House Democrats voted to block David Whitley’s nomination as secretary of state
  • Fifty-eight former national security officials signed a declaration against Donald’s national emergency
  • Student-led climate-change protests that began in the UK last week are sweeping across Europe and the world

“…a Capuchin monkey would be better at this point” — READ ON!


  • Bills and hearings we’re watching: This week’s roundup of bills and hearings up at the #txlege this week. Several hearings are TODAY (Monday), so don’t delay.
  • We did it! Indivisible Austin joined with 30 groups in calling for the Texas Senate Democrats to block Secretary of State nominee David Whitley’s confirmation. Now all 12 Democratic state senators oppose Whitley, which means there are not enough votes to achieve the two-thirds majority needed for his confirmation.
  • Newly elected (and Indivisible-backed!) Rep. Erin Zwiener introduced a bill that would allow students to use their college IDs to vote. Considering that gun licenses are an acceptable form of identification in Texas—and with the caveat that Voter ID requirements are inherently disenfranchising—this bill makes a lot of sense. Give Rep. Zwiener your thanks—she’s on Twitter, Facebook, and on the web. You can email her at erin.zwiener@house.texas.gov.
  • Want to show up at the Lege? We’ve compiled grassroots orgs’ upcoming Lobby Days during the 86th Legislature. There are three happening this week!


There are three Lobby Days at the Capitol this week!

Monday, Feb. 25

Lobby Day: Fuerza TX: Rally for our Rights

Webinar: Lobbying At The Lege, 6 p.m.

Tuesday, Feb. 26

Lobby Day: TX Black Women Rise Up Advocacy Day at The Capitol

Thursday, Feb. 28

Social Justice Book Club

6:30 p.m. at the Twin Oaks Branch, Austin Public Library, 1800 S 5th St., 512-974-9991

The Twin Oaks Branch Library is excited to host a social justice book club! This new program series has been curated to encourage all community members to become well informed on critical issues of disparity, inequity, and difference. We hope to challenge the feelings of apathy and fear on important political issues through facilitated dialogue and a facts based approach to civic engagement. Books truly do have the power to raise consciousness and help us become more effective advocates for social uplift and justice both locally and beyond.

Friday, March 1

Lobby Day: Jolt Power Up Summit 2019

Monday, March 4

Lobby Day: Let the People Vote! Texas Rally for Medicaid Expansion

Hosted by Indivisible Austin, Indivisible Houston, Cover Texas Now, Children’s Defense Fund Texas & many more

Texas leaders have had six years to expand Medicaid and they aren’t getting it done. So let the people vote!

Congress Critter of the Week: Rep. Roger Williams

Roger Williams actually held a Town Hall!

A police officer, at the direction of Bee Cave mayor Monte Parker, intervenes when a participant asks a follow-up question of Rep. Roger Williams

Last week, with 24 hours’ notice, Rep. Roger Williams scheduled four Town Halls, one of them in Bee Cave, just outside Austin. Organizers from Indivisible Texas 25 East Austin and Driftwood/Dripping Springs groups scrambled to attend.  Bee Cave mayor Monte Parker moderated the event, and we got this dispatch from one of the attendees.

Your Moment of Zen

Funding the Fight

Even with the House flipping, it feels like everything is getting more chaotic.

The fear of accountability seems to have ratcheted up the cruelty and incompetence to new heights. That’s why having voices consistently, steadily pushing us forward, keeping an eye out for inflection points where real differences can be made, is so important.

That’s why Indivisible Austin is here, to keep us moving forward together, with our eyes open. Be a part of that work. Make a gift today.


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