Take Action: Showing Love and Support for Survivors of Sexual Assault and Abuse

Showing Love and Support for Survivors of Sexual Assault and Abuse

At the outset, we want to acknowledge that as the allegations about Brett Kavanaugh unfold, our minds and hearts are not only with the brave women coming forward in this instance, but also the tragically high number of survivors of sexual assault and abuse that live in our community.

We recognize how difficult it can be for survivors to react and digest the news—and correspondingly hateful words about survivors—that continues to emerge. For anyone struggling, or anyone with a loved one who is struggling, we encourage them to reach out to the following organizations (or one of the many other support networks in our region):

The SAFE Alliance

RAINN National Hotline

  • Military-specific resources can be found here.

In addition:

National Human Trafficking Resource Center/Polaris Project

Futures Without Violence: The National Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence 1-888-792-2873


Rick Kennedy for U.S. House District 17

Indivisible Austin proudly endorses Rick Kennedy for TX-17

Rick Kennedy is an experienced problem-solver, who will bring much-needed pragmatism, empathy, and technical acumen to Congress.

Read our full endorsement of Rick Kennedy >>

43 Days

Surfer on massive blue wave

Thursday: Fundraiser to Elect Mike Siegel

Thursday, Sept. 27, 6 to 8 p.m. at Serranos Restaurant (Lakeline), 11100 Pecan Park Blvd, Cedar Park

TX10 Indivisible, Indivisible Cedar Park, Far Northwest Progressives, and Indivisible Austin are hosting this fundraiser to elect Mike Siegel for TX10. (Read our endorsement.)

Guest speaker: Austin City Council Member Jimmy Flannigan

Your donation is your RSVP.

Sponsorship levels: $50 -$75 – $100- $250 – $500

Suggested donation: $25

View on Facebook >>

Ongoing #BeATexasVoter Activities

And most importantly, make sure you are registered and have a plan to vote.

Important Dates

  • October 9: Last Day to register to vote
  • October 22 – November 2: Early voting
  • November 6: Election Day

Take Action

Push Back on Public Charge Rule Change

Saturday night the administration finally dropped a bombshell we’ve been expecting for several months. Since a draft proposed rule was leaked in February, we have been expecting a new, cruel anti-immigrant policy designed to prevent documented immigrants from getting a Green Card and ultimately pursuing US citizenship. The proposed rule change targets immigrants who legally use programs such as Medicaid, SNAP, and even Medicare Part D.

This is the latest salvo in Trump’s war on immigrants. We’re losing count of who Trump has targeted so far: Muslims, undocumented people, children, refugees, asylees, people with Temporary Protected Status, and more. This latest action squarely targets legal immigrants who are doing what every sniveling Twitter conservative demands: they are getting in line, filing the proper paperwork, doing it right, waiting their turn, etc.

We knew that was never going to be enough, right?

Here’s what happens next:

  1. Proposed rule will be published in the federal register
  2. 60-day public comment period begins
  3. Public comments are submitted online
  4. Administration is required to review all comments
  5. A final rule will be published in the federal register
  6. 60-day public review period
  7. New rule becomes effective on a certain date

Watch this space. As soon as we have details on making comments we’ll post them.

In the meantime, follow this hashtag and these expert accounts on Twitter:
#ProtectFamilies, @NILC_org, @CLASP, @covertexasnow, @CPPP_TX

National Walk Out: Support Dr. Blasey Ford

At noon on Monday 9/24, join a national walk-out to show our support for Dr. Blasey Ford. All you need to do is wear black and walk out—of your home, your office, your classroom, wherever you are—and post a picture to your social media with the hashtag #BelieveSurvivors.

View Facebook event >>

How your voice are making a difference

  • Some Texas Republicans are now endorsing Democrats.
  • Republican Florida governor Rick Scott was booed out of a restaurant
  • Wilbur Ross will be deposed in a lawsuit that challenges his adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census

Read more wins of the week >>

Your Moment of Zen

Funding the Fight

Pizza and Stamps and Printing, Oh My!

Blue brick road leading to the Emerald City

We’re marching down the Blue Brick Road, building it one brick at a time. (Yes, this is a brick road metaphor, instead of a wave.)

Every week, we’ve got more and more great volunteers making phone calls, writing postcards, and knocking on doors to engage voters. Believe it or not plenty of people aren’t following the elections, but we are winning them over.

BUT all that good work means more pizza to feed people, more stamps to send our postcards out, and printing more voter information packets. And more of all that, of course means more funds.

We’re doing the work, and we could really use your support to throw cold water on the Wicked Witch of Republican Corruption and Immorality.


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