What we do with our time now

We’ve been doom-scrolling the news just like everyone else, seeking updates on Trump’s health and on which public figure is the latest to contract Covid-19. Our own senators, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, were seated next to Sen. Mike Lee at a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting last Thursday, and on Friday Sen. Lee announced that he too was sick. We’re writing this on Sunday morning, and by the time you read it, more jaw-dropping news will have broken. 

The next few weeks require focus like never before. Everything we have been fighting for since November 2016 is on the line. What we do with our time now will determine the outcome of the election. What we do with our time now is the difference between an imperfect Democracy or a hateful, corrupt, Trump family regime that will crush dissent. It’s the difference between hope and fear. 

This pep talk is as much for ourselves as it is for you. Let’s use our time well.

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