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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a champion for civil rights and gender equality, passed away on September 18. We cannot let Donald Trump destroy her legacy by replacing her with Amy Coney Barrett—who opposes Roe v. Wade and the ACA, and whose confirmation could hand Trump the upcoming election if it comes down to a judicial ruling

Call, tweet, and email your senators – and then start phone banking, writing letters, or plan a local event to take the Senate this November. We owe Justice Ginsburg nothing less.

Demand your Representative investigate detention abuses

A brave whistleblower recently filed a complaint alleging “jarring medical neglect” within the Irwin Detention Facility in Georgia, including a refusal to test immigrants who are detained there for coronavirus, and an alarming number of hysterectomies performed on immigrant women held in the facility. These horrifying new allegations follow years of carefully documented medical neglect within immigration detention.

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Make sure you are registered to vote

Next Monday, October 5, is the LAST DAY to register to vote. We know from experience that voters in Texas can be unknowingly purged from the rolls. Take a minute to confirm your registration.

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Give, give, give

We’re entering the final weeks before early voting and Election Day. This is what we have been working toward for four years. Grassroots candidates are fighting against incumbents with massive war chests and dark money support. Dig deep so we can flip the Senate, pick up US House seats and flip the Texas House!

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Organization Spotlight: Indivisible Rosedale Huddle

Indivisible Rosedale Huddle began in 2017 as a neighborhood group within TX10. Today, they are a tremendous force within the progressive community. They have written tens of thousands of postcards to voters. They have billboards and Facebook ads. They partner with other organizations for rural outreach. They formed a PAC! They are an inspiration. Check out their anti-McCaul video below and also their website:


Monday, September 28

Virtual Phone Bank with Keke Williams and Beto O’Rourke

6:30 p.m. Join Keke Williams and Beto O’Rourke for a virtual phone bank! We’ll call voters in State House District 54 and ask them to support Keke’s campaign for Texas State Representative. For every volunteer that signs up, Beto provides an additional volunteer.  The previous event with Beto allowed the Keke team to reach 3000+ voters.

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Wednesday, September 30

Census Day!

Today is the last day to fill out the 2020 census. Be sure yours is filled out so that we can get an accurate count—and equitable representation—in Texas.

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5 p.m. Join Chrysta as she embarks on her virtual journey across the state of Texas. This event brings Chrysta to the heartland regions of Texas, including Austin, Round Rock, Bryan/College Station.

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Indivisible Austin Action Meetup

6:30 p.m. Join us to debrief on our introductory trainings on anti-racist organizing and begin practicing the organizing principles we learned through an introduction to “relational organizing” and how we can use this tool to help flip the Texas House.

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Thursday, October 1

Webinar: Pursuing Racial Justice Amid Gentrification in Austin

2 p.m. Featuring Dr. Eric Tang, Assoc. Professor and Assoc. Chair of African and African Diaspora Studies; Dir. of the Center for Asian American Studies @University of Texas at Austin; and Dr. Peniel Joseph, Director, Barbara Jordan Chair of Ethics and Political Values, Professor of History @Center for the Study of Race and Democracy; LBJ School of Public Affairs, UT Austin.

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Southerners for Medicaid Expansion Digital Vigil

6 p.m. With over 180,000 Americans dead from COVID-19 and tens of thousands of Southerners who have died from not expanding Medicaid, we invite you to join us for this action of remembrance to honor the lives of people who have suffered from being uninsured and unable to get the healthcare they need. Stacey Abrams will be our moderator and Rev. Dr. William Barber will be the keynote speaker.

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Undoing White Supremacy “Actionar”: What’s Next

6:30 p.m. Please join us for a recap of this past summer’s budget process and to talk through how we’re going to move forward through the election season and the winter months.

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Fort Hood on Trial

5:30 p.m. at the Texas Capitol. Join Vets for the People (V4TP) and countless allies for a powerful community event in which we, the people, will host a public trial holding Fort Hood leadership accountable for the criminal negligence and more. No longer will we tolerate the impunity of those who attempt to conceal their criminality and failures by scapegoating and continuing to abuse us and treat us as expendable.

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Monday, October 5

Last day to register to vote in the November election.

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Friday, October 9

MJ Hegar and John Cornyn DEBATE!

The debate the rivals have agreed to will air Friday Oct. 9 from 7 to 8 p.m., broadcast live from the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin.

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Thank you


A hearty thanks to the army of volunteers who answered the call to write postcards to voters. Thanks to you, more than 13,000 postcards will be sent to Democratic voters in competitive US and Texas House districts before November 3. The majority of cards are being sent to:

  • CD10 / HD28: A zip code in Katy, TX where Rep. McCaul’s district overlaps with state Rep. Gary Gates. The Democratic challengers are Mike Siegel and Eliz Markowitz.
  • CD21 / HD121: A zip code in San Antonio where Rep. Chip Roy’s district overlaps with state Rep. Steve Allison’s.The Democratic challengers are Wendy Davis and Celina Montoya.
  • CD25 / HD54: A zip code in Copperas Cove, TX where Rep. Roger Williams’s district intersects with state Rep. Brad Buckley’s. The Democratic challengers are Julie Oliver and Keke Williams.

The cards remind voters of the important upcoming election dates and encourages them to vote. (Simple GOTV messages like these have been found to be more effective than endorsements of specific candidates.)

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