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From Indivisible TXLEGE:

Call Governor Greg Abbott at 512-463-2000 to keep Texas open to refugees

Greg Abbott

Last week, Governor Abbott announced that Texas would opt out of accepting refugees. Since then, a court has blocked the decision, thankfully, but we still need to make it loud and clear that Texas welcomes refugees.

For more: Texas Tribune: Gov Greg Abbott may be unable to ban Refugees

Say: “Hi, I’m a Texan and constituent of Governor Greg Abbott, and I was appalled to hear that he hopes to block refugees from resettling in Texas. Texas is a large and wealthy state that has been only made stronger by the refugee families who have resettled here. I’d also like to remind the Governor that Texas is a friendly state, and he will face a tough reelection in 2022 if he continues to push hateful policies that hurt people. My zip code is _____.”

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Join the Feb. 2 Austin Jews for Refugees Assembly

Demand Cruz and Cornyn support a fair and open impeachment trial

Ted Cruz and John Cornyn

Remind John Cornyn and Ted Cruz of the oath that they took to support and defend the Constitution and demand they support a fair and open trial in the Senate to fully hear the evidence and hold Trump accountable for his actions. If they don’t, they’ll become accomplices in Donald Trump’s coverup.

Write a letter to John Cornyn and Ted Cruz

Get connected to your senators now

2020 is here

Be A Texas Voter

Primary election dates

  • Feb. 3: Last day to register to vote and be eligible to cast a ballot in the March primaries. Go to to sign up to register voters in your neighborhood. You do not need to be a VDR: People will be mailed a voter registration form and STAMPED return envelope.
  • Feb. 18: Early voting starts.
  • Feb. 21: Last day to request a ballot to vote by mail in the primaries.
  • Feb. 28: Early voting ends.
  • March 3: Election day.

Add Texas 2020 election dates to your calendar (Texas Tribune)

Visit our 2020 Election Resources page

Texas House

In 2018, 17 State House Republicans won by less than 10 points. Eight of those won by less than five points. Beto won in nine of those districts, and in all but one of the counties where these districts live.

Get involved to flip the Texas House

Support Dr. Eliz Markowitz in the Jan. 28 special election runoff in HD-28

U.S. Senate

Indivisible Houston, Indivisible Katy Huddle, and the national Indivisible team hosted an issue forum with seven of the Democratic candidates running for John Cornyn’s senate seat. Here are some of the candidates running:

Watch Indivisible Houston’s candidate forum

U.S. Congress

There are competitive races in all of our districts that have Republican incumbents. Several of the candidates that Indivisible Austin endorsed in the 2018 general election—Mike Siegel, Rick Kennedy, and Julie Oliver—are running again in 2020.

Get to know the candidates


Saturday, January 25

TX17 Candidate Forum – Livestream

6:30 to 9 p.m.

KBTX will host back-to-back candidate forums broadcast live simultaneously on KBTX and Waco’s KWTX-TV and streamed on the stations’ websites and social media pages. Democratic candidates will be featured from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Jan. 25, followed immediately by the Republican forum from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

It’s also worth checking out this article (from a conservative “news” source) about the last time the TX17 GOP candidates participated in a forum.

The two things the bevy of candidates had most in common were A) support for the president and B) support for his decision to kill Soleimani.

When asked what the biggest threat to America was, Vessali, Rowin, Sutton, and Kent all stated some form of “the left,” “progressives,” or “socialism.” Bland and Hindman pointed to the border. Swann and McReynolds said China. And Saucedo stated, “The Deep State.”

NOTE: In 2018, Indivisible Austin endorsed Rick Kennedy in the general election; he is running again in 2020.

Visit for the livestream

Monday, January 27

Meet Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez, candidate for US Senate

7 p.m. at Memorial United Methodist Church, 6100 Berkman Dr. Hosted by TX25 East Indivisible.

Come meet candidate for US Senate Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez!

This is an excellent opportunity to talk one-on-one with one of the candidates running against John Cornyn to represent Texas in the US Senate.

View Facebook event

Sunday, February 2

Austin Jews for Refugees Assembly

1 p.m. at Dell Jewish Community Campus, 7300 Hart Ln.

The Jewish community in Austin is already deeply and passionately committed to support and advocacy for refugees and asylum seekers, and the Jews for Refugees Assembly will amplify these existing efforts by bringing the community together to raise a strong, collective, moral, and Jewish voice in support of refugees and asylum seekers

RSVP for the Assembly

Your Moment of Zen

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