Statement on Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Public Charge Rule

The board of Indivisible Austin joins with those fighting for the rights of immigrants in condemning the administration’s decision to make it harder for immigrants to become citizens. The final version of the public charge rule, which will go into effect in 60 days, was announced on the heels of the horrific act of domestic terrorism in El Paso perpetrated on the Latino community. The rule is part of the administration’s calculated plans to make America less diverse and less welcoming to those seeking to build a better life. In Texas, where more than one in four of our children live with immigrant parents, the impact can’t be overstated. President Trump doesn’t stand alone in attempting to push this racist vision on our country. Our Republican elected officials who are silent in the face of his anti-immigrant policies — or who directly support him — aid him in doing so. They bear responsibility for the ongoing affliction of these harms on the immigrants we call our neighbors and friends. It is up to all Texans who support the promise of the United States to ensure those elected officials feel the impact of these decisions at the ballot box.

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  1. Donald Trump and the Trump administration’s public charge rule is totally wrong.All people are worthy of the chance to come to the USA and make their life and our country better.Diversity and the ability to become one under one flag is what makes us great.Where the best because its all of us together from all different countries working together.The Public charge rule is based on hate,racial prejudice,and an administration that is highly motivated to work against people of color.The head of the uscis ken Cuccinelli hates people of color thats why he was placed in that position,to hurt and stop people of color from advancing. Steve Miller another prejudice unfeeling person put in place to hurt and destroy immigrants.This is the time our nation has to stand up together to protect the rights and lives of our fellow man and woman.We all are immigrants who came from somewhere else.I hope and pray that the men and women who serve this great country in our great justice system will do the right thing and strike down and remove this terrible public charge rule. God bless America. God bless the families and the children holding on for dear life.

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