Write Your Reps! Dear John Cornyn: Your failure to act on the climate crisis is a dereliction of duty

“One theory of government is that it only reacts to a crisis; trouble comes when we cannot even agree on what a crisis is.”

—Molly Ivins, on the danger of climate change denialism, in 1995.

It’s taken a generation for leaders in Congress to begin taking seriously the threat of climate catastrophe, and now it may be too late. It will certainly be too late if the most powerful people in the world—including members of the United States Senate—continue to ignore facts.

Sen. John Cornyn is the embodiment of climate change denialism and dereliction of duty. His flippant attitude toward the crisis is completely unacceptable.


Our job in 2020 is to vote out John Cornyn and other climate deniers who put fossil fuel profits above the lives of their children and grandchildren. But until then, we must tell lawmakers that the climate crisis is real, it’s happening now, and that anything short of an “all hands on deck” response to the catastrophe is incredibly dangerous.

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  1. Do the right thing! As a Republican my number one concern for the future is global warming and it should be yours as well ! Donald Trump is an IDIOT! Man up and do the right thing!

  2. I hope you will support H.R. 759. The people of East Texas deserved to be employed without government interference. Vote yes on H.R. 759.

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