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Take Action

Let’s send 1,000 letters to John Cornyn condemning Trump’s racism

Last weekend, Trump tweeted that four members of congress—all women of color—should “go back” to their countries of origin. (Never mind that three of them were born in the US and all, of course, are citizens.) The rhetoric has only gotten worse since then, with more tweets and chants of “send her back” erupting at a Trump rally in North Carolina.

When asked for comment, John Cornyn told Politico​:

“I know we are consumed by this here, but it doesn’t consume my constituents when I go back home,” Sen. John Cornyn said. —Politico, July 16, 2019

John Cornyn thinks we don’t care. So we’re sending John Cornyn 1,000 letters to show that Texans do care that the president is a racist.

Start writing now​, and stay tuned for more Cornyn updates as we get closer to the Texas primary.

Need inspiration? Read some of the letters written so far. 

Demand Impeachment

The House voted last week on Rep. Al Green’s latest impeachment resolution. The resolution was related only to Trump’s racists comments and garnered 95 Yes votes—among them Rep. Lloyd Doggett’s. While that wasn’t nearly enough to pass, it was the strongest showing for impeachment yet, and many Dems likely objected on the grounds that this was just one resolution with no backing from leadership.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett explains his position in this video.

Send your rep a letter demanding impeachment. (If Doggett is your rep, you can use the form to thank him.)

How your voices are making a difference

  • Donald’s racist tweets are now admissible in court as evidence for judges to block his discriminatory policies.
  • The House voted to hold Attorney General Raymond Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in criminal contempt.
  • The House voted to block Trump’s use of “emergency” authority to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, bypassing Congress.

Read “Our Racist President”


Sunday, July 28

Canvass for the Green New Deal with Austin DSA

10 a.m. to 2 p.m., 2132 Rogge Ln. Email for details.

From Austin DSA:

We’re canvassing Austin neighborhoods about the climate emergency and what we can do about it right now. We’re moving the City to engage in a massive Green New Deal mobilization to end burning of fossil fuels for Austin’s energy utility. Green New Deal = Zero Carbon. We’re talking with our neighbors about how Austin’s gas and coal plants pollute neighborhoods, raise asthma rates, emit deadly greenhouse gases and encourage the dirty, dangerous fracking industry and the abuse of Texas land and people.  And we’re giving them ideas for how to change it all! Join us!

The Mueller Report Read LIVE

5:30 p.m. at North Door Austin, 501 Brushy St.


We’re kicking off Volume II of the Mueller Report LIVE with an all star cast that includes:

Doors open at 5, show starts around 5:30. Feel free to drop in and out. There’s food! And drinks!

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2020 is coming

Speaking of John Cornyn, two candidates have moved from “rumored” to “running” in the race for his Senate seat.

Amanda Edwards serves as the Houston City Council Member in At-Large Position 4. She came out strong with this video:

Royce West represents Dallas-area state senate district 23.

And Wendy Davis IS RUNNING in TX21 against grandstanding Fox New auditioner Chip Roy.

There are 31 weeks until the Texas primary! View our 2020 Election Resources page!

Let’s talk about the climate crisis

The #1 thing you can do to fight the climate crisis is to talk about it. 

First, the good news: Planting trees may buy us more time to fight the effects of climate change than originally thought. The positive effects may be overstated, as this article points out, but there is no question that reforestation is a crucial part of the climate puzzle. In the United States, American Forests has been doing this work since 1875—get involved!

Now, the bad news: This article from an anonymous worker at an environmental organization confirms our worst fears: Namely, that the effects of climate change were consistently understated to avoid scaring off donors. From the article:

“When did reality become so unpalatable that we shouldn’t tell people about it? Since when did so many of us need to be treated like children? Why do those of us who know about these things have to disassemble, distract or blatantly lie about the state of our world?”

How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown Than When You Were Born? (New York Times Interactive)


Funding the Fight

This was a bad week in a long line of bad weeks. Trump’s racism is on full display. Kids are still locked in cages. Venal and spineless politicians continue to try to strip access to healthcare while taking money from deadly industries like gun manufacturers and fossil fuel.

Indivisible Austin is all volunteer-run, and we are still in this fight. During this no good, very bad week, we organized a letter campaign that has flooded John Cornyn’s office, while simultaneously rehearsing for our series of live readings of the Mueller Report. Want to help? Make a gift today.

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