Take Action: Three reasons to keep calling Cornyn and Cruz about Kavanaugh


Lloyd Doggett for U.S. House District 35

Indivisible Austin endorses Lloyd Doggett for TX-35

Indivisible Austin is proud to endorse Rep. Lloyd Doggett (TX-35) for reelection.

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Take Action

Three reasons to keep calling Cornyn and Cruz about Kavanaugh

Indivisible San Antonio asked:

Honest question: Is it even worth my time calling Ted Cruz and John Cornyn offices to vote against Brett Kavanaugh?

Ezra Levin, co-executive director of Indivisible, gave three reasons to keep calling our most stick-in-the-mud senators, which we’ve expanded here:

  1. In closed-door GOP meetings, they report that even they are getting pushback.
  2. They probably will still vote the wrong way, but you can make them less outspoken.
  3. Lower their approval for future election. (Gotta get earned media for this though.)

Brett Kavanaugh at swearing-in with DubyaThis last point is important. Before the 2016 election, many of us didn’t know who represented us in Congress. (Decades of relentless gerrymandering will do that.) Now that we have our senators and representative on speed dial, they can no longer hide from their bad policies and failure to represent constituents. Because of this newfound awareness, all of our GOP-held House districts are in play, and Ted Cruz is neck and neck with Beto O’Rourke. This was unimaginable two years ago. So keep the pressure on: 2018 is here, and 2020 (when John Cornyn will get his time in the barrel) is right around the corner.

Meanwhile, Kavanaugh’s hearing is scheduled to begin on September 4th, and the National Archives has refused Democrats’ request to release records from Kavanaugh’s time as staff secretary in the Bush White House.

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Tell Cornyn and Cruz: No on David Porter for a lifetime judgeship

No lifetime appointment for David Porter

From Indivisible East Bay:

Remember David Porter, Trump’s judicial nominee who would have been happy to live 100 years ago? Sen. McConnell wants to bring this nomination to a final vote when the Senate returns from recess. He’s looking for enough votes from Senators to do this.

David Porter has criticized Supreme Court cases that supported FDR’s New Deal (yes, in 1933), and he belongs to a conservative think tank that says the minimum wage is unconstitutional. As an attorney, he has worked against the Affordable Care Act, women’s rights, marriage equality, environmental protection, and workers’ rights. Porter should never be a judge.

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How your voices are making a difference

  • In a victory for unions, Missouri voters rejected a “right-to-work” law by a wide margin
  • The army suspended discharges of foreign-born recruits who enlisted through DACA
  • Thousands of antiracist protesters drowned out the Unite the Right rally in DC



  • Wednesday, Aug. 15, 6:30 to 8 p.m., Cat Mountain Clubhouse 6007 Mt Bonnell Rd—Northwest Hills TX-25 Town Hall. Grab a slice of pizza and get to know your candidates for U.S. Congress Texas District 25. Democratic candidate Julie Oliver has confirmed that she will be available to answer questions and we’ve extended an invitation to Republican candidate Roger Williams. (Facebook event)
  • Thursday, Aug. 16, 8:30 to 9:30 a.m., 1105 N IH35 – Indivisible Rosedale Huddle brings us banner drops Thursdays this August. This week: Cruz thinks Trump will help him! (Facebook event)
  • Saturday, Aug. 18, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Olamaie, 1610 San Antonio St. Texas Tribune Summer Salon: Families Divided. As the government works to reunite hundreds of migrant parents and children who remain separated under the Trump administration’s now-paused “zero tolerance” policy, hear from the lawyers, activists, lawmakers and journalists working on the front lines. (Eventbrite)
  • Save the Date: Monday, Aug. 27, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Robert B. Rowling Hall, 300 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd – Texas Disability Issues Forum (TDIF) brings together members of the Texas disability community, major candidates for statewide office, and disability advocates (Event link at REV UP!)

Countdown: 84 Days to November

BLUE WAVELast week, we suggested talking to the people in your life about their voter registration. That’s still a good idea! We also recommend you double-check your own current registration is correct and active. (The rate of voting roll purges has increased dramatically in Texas since the Supreme Court’s gutting of the Voting Rights Act in 2013.)

Squared away? Great! Mark your calendars for our weekly phone banks, coming to you Tuesdays between now and November 6th!

For maximum effort: reach out to gotv@indivisibleaustin.com to get involved with the GOTV working group, or volunteer to host a phone bank or postcard party at your home or a local spot!

Congress Critter of the Week: Rep. Michael McCaul, TX-10

It’s August in Central Texas, and that means it’s hot and dry. It means a lot of brown grass and occasional wildfires. It also means water restrictions. We all cut back on our usage and are more mindful of what we’re doing with our water, because it’s part of the city’s regulations, but more than that, we do it because we know it’s the right and wise thing to do for our community. Well, most of us at least.

Mike Siegel

Rep. Mike McCaul TX-10 can’t be bothered to even consider water usage. His estate in Westlake Hills is regularly among the top water users in Austin, and in 2017 they used more water than ANYONE else in the city. We don’t know exactly how much water they used, because they chose to hide that from the public, but just the second highest water consumer used more than 1,400,900 gallons. That’s more than 200X the average household water use.

It makes you wonder what other important community needs he doesn’t bother to concern himself with.

Mike Siegel is running against Mike McCaul for the TX-10 seat in November.

Your Moment of Zen

How are you this week? We’re making sure to take some time to breathe, to connect—with our communities, including the natural one around us. Take a moment today to enjoy this human-goose flight team:

Funding the Fight

Taco plate from Taco DeliThey say an army marches on its belly. That’s true for an army of block walking canvassers, phone bankers, and letter writers too.

Be a part of the movement by making a contribution today! Your gift of $25 or $50 could provide the coffee and breakfast tacos that get us and America over the line.

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