Take Action: Vote on Tuesday, May 22

Oh, Donald.

  • The Senate voted to overturn the FCC’s attempt to repeal net neutrality rules
  • Women won the living crap out of primary elections
  • Nobody in the private sector wants to hire anyone who worked for Donald

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Take Action

Vote on Tuesday, May 22

Be A Texas Voter

Polls are open on Tuesday to vote in the primary election runoffs. If you didn’t vote during the early-voting period last week, this is your last chance. Here are three questions to ask yourself as you go to the polls.

  1. Which candidate will fight hardest for common-sense gun control? Last week, a gunman killed eight students and two teacher in Santa Fe, TX. We don’t need thoughts, prayers, or empty bromides from our politicians. We need legislation and we need it now. Vote for candidates who will fight the hardest to protect Americans from gun violence.
  2. Which candidate will stand up for immigrants? The Department of Homeland Security is planning to separate families and to warehouse children on military bases–possibly in Texas. This is not just cruel but unconstitutional and must not be tolerated.
  3. Which candidate will do the most to protect our care? Despite our successes at saving the Affordable Care Act, Trump’s GOP is still determined to dismantle health care as we know it. Most recently, the White House requested a $7 billion cut to CHIP. This fight is far from over.

Consider Tuesday’s vote a dress rehearsal for November. In the wake of yet another mass shooting, this headline from the Statesman says it all: In shooting wake, Texas Republicans pray, Democrats demand gun control.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett sums it up perfectly:

“There will never be enough horrifying shootings to force this NRA-controlled Congress to enact reasonable gun safety measures. The only way to ensure greater protection for our children is to replace this Congress with those committed to act. Enough moments of silence, we need moments of action to prevent other families from suffering the pain being suffered in Santa Fe.”

The stakes for voting have never been higher. We have the chance to change the face of power in Texas *right now* by heading to the polls and voting in the runoffs. Every election counts. Lives are on the line, and your vote can make a difference.

There are runoffs in the governor’s race, in TX10, TX21, TX25, and TX31, and in other down-ballot races.

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Find your polling place:

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  • Tuesday, May 22, 7-8 PM, 1-877-229-8493 & Code: 111954 V – Rep. Bill Flores hosts a Multimedia Town Hall for northern counties in TX-17 (Video will be broadcast on Facebook & Flores.house.gov/liveforum)
  • Thursday, May 24, 11 AM-12:30 PM, NeWorlDeli – Indivisible Women’s Lunchtime Coffee Meetup is still coming to you monthly on 4th Thursdays! (Facebook event)
  • Sunday, May 27, 5:30-7:30 PM, Journey of Faith United Methodist Church, 7301 CR110, Round Rock –  Shut Down Hutto Bi-Weekly Meeting (Facebook event)

Congress Critter of the Week: Dan Patrick

“Had there been one single entrance possibly for every student, maybe he would have been stopped.”

That’s our Lieutenant Governor, arguably the most powerful lawmaker in Texas, blaming doors for mass murder in Santa Fe, TX.

Later Patrick told ABC news that teachers are part of the “well-run militia” mentioned in the Second Amendment, a convenient malapropism from the man who wants to regulate bathrooms but not guns. Some of Dan Patrick’s positions are just inane, but some of of them are truly on the fringe and far outside the mainstream of the vast majority of Texans. (Read the full transcript, where he also blames abortions and video games for the mass murder in Santa Fe.)

Dan Patrick's mug on ABC News

We are fed up with Dan Patrick and every other NRA-backed politician refusing to face facts about the need for gun control in America.

There are candidates who are on the record as ready to fight for stronger gun laws. And there are candidates who are in bed with the NRA. The latter are not going to save our children and communities.

Mike Collier, who is running to replace Dan Patrick, is calling for urgent action to implement “a comprehensive strategy to assure school and public safety, including sensible gun laws” before the start of the 2018 school year. While it’s highly unlikely we’ll see a special session before November, together we must spend the next 6 months building a case for the legislature to pass stricter gun laws supported by the majority of Texas voters as soon as it’s back in session in January 2019. We are pleased to see Collier and other candidates making these strong calls for change with clear legislative priorities. This is what leadership looks like. We endorse Collier and will support other candidates who seek actual solutions to end gun violence.

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Moment of Zen

We understand: election season can be ruff. That’s why we endorse this hashtag for surviving even the most far-fetched primary contests: across the pond, voters’ best friends join in the fun with #DogsAtPollingStations. Pictured below: not a dog! But Pumpkin the guinea pig makes a good voting buddy, too.
Guinea pig snuggling with human companion at the polls

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