We will be meeting today at Williams’ Austin office at 1005 Congress Ave at 12pm today. Please bring signs, written statements, and/or just your contempt for a Congressman who puts partisan politics above the law and what is best for Austin. Try to get there a little early to have time for parking, traffic, etc.


No, it’s not “just common sense” Roger. It’s federal overreach. Austin is not refusing to enforce federal laws. They are choosing to leave the immigration policing up to federal agencies whose responsibility it is! Why are you punishing your Austin constituents?

This morning (2/3) I spoke to a staffer in the DC office. He said that Williams wants local law enforcement agencies to enforce federal law. When I asked if there was ever a case where the local authorities knew someone was undocumented but refused or neglected to report it to the feds, he tried to evade the question. When I pressed him, he got flustered and finally admitted that they didn’t know if that had happened but will do some research and get back to me…

They know there is no legal justification for this

For a full explanation about our position on this please see the blog post written by an immigration attorney. An Immigration Attorney and an Activist Scholar Explain Why SB4 is a Terrible Idea and What You Can Do to Stop It.

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  1. Interesting how legislators love to come run and play in Austin, enjoying our bars and restaurants, music and other venues. But when it comes to letting Austin govern itself (i.e. local control), that just won’t do. SB4 is a travesty.

  2. So sad that communities/cities that actually want to help and welcome refugees are ‘punished’. Hoping San Antonio follows suit – soon

  3. I think comprehensive immigration reform is the only logical step, not just blanket deportation. The officials who push for removal of federal $ seem to lack a critical trait necessary for a successful society. Empathy.

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