How to Help: Active Immigrations and Custom Enforcement Ops in Travis County

Through attorneys in the Austin immigrant rights community, we’ve learned that there appears to be an active ICE operation in Travis County right now. According to our sources, ICE is lodging detainers for any foreign-born person in a county jail. We understand that those with criminal warrants and outstanding orders for removal are being specifically targeted.

The news is unnerving, and also frustrating because non-lawyer types are powerless to do much besides share information. But sharing that information can help people make plans and find help before they need it.

The links below have resources in multiple languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic. Please share them with your networks.

From the Austin Commission on Immigrant Affairs:

“It likely that we will see and can expect a change in how immigration enforcement occurs in our communities. Thus more people may find themselves facing enforcement actions. In preparation for that, the following materials should be distributed widely to people who are concerned about increased immigration enforcement.”

Know Your Rights! Protect Yourself Against Immigration Raids- United We Dream

Know Your Rights- National Immigration Law Center

Additional Resources are: 

Linea de Defensa Comunitaria (512-270-1515)
Deportation crisis hotline for Spanish or English speaking clients. We can help people find loved ones in detention centers/county jails, connect to attorneys, find basic needs financial, food, etc. support, engage with a supportive community of others impacted, and access mental health care. Also seeking bilingual crisis hotline volunteers. Training provided.

Family Safety Planning ToolkitFormulario de Planificacion Familiar:

This PDF toolkit, available in English and Spanish, was developed by the Immigrant Services Network of Austin to assist individuals and families with preparing to respond effectively in the event of raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The goals of the toolkit are to educate immigrants about their rights, and to assist individuals and families with an emergency plan for their household.


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