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Tell your reps that Trump is not above the law: He must accept the Supreme Court’s ruling on the census question

When the Supreme Court ruled that the 2020 census must not include a question about citizenship status, most thought the battle was won. It should not surprise anyone that the President feels otherwise; after all, when has he ever admitted defeat or respected the rule of law? Our own U.S. Rep Chip Roy is enabling Trump’s unconstitutional gambit by spelling out ways for Trump to issue an executive order that would reinstate the question of citizenship status. (For an explainer on the whole debacle, go here.)

There are a couple of actions to take. (Hat tip, once again, to Celeste Pewter.)

  1. Call your reps (even—especially!— if you are in Chip Roy’s district). They should speak up on this issue; no one, not even Trump, is above the law. Any executive order he issues can and should be overturned.
  2. Spread the word about the census! The whole point of the citizenship question is to discourage participation among immigrants. A lot of that damage has already been done. If you have a flexible schedule, consider becoming a census worker!

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How your voices are making a difference

  • The DNC is reportedly considering a vote to conduct a presidential-candidate debate focused on climate change (This was one of last week’s actions!)
  • A federal judge blocked indefinite detention for asylum seekers
  • The House sued for access to President Trump’s tax returns

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2020 is Coming

Register voters near you!

Register2Vote is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating voter registration and mobilization. Using this map from Register2Vote.org, you can identify unregistered voters, chip in a little money, and have voter registration forms mailed to them. Once the applications come back, you’ll be able to track progress. Amazing!

Download a two-pager that explains how it works

We have also updated our 2020 Elections Page. There are lots of new candidates—including new Senate candidates and 11 (ELEVEN) people running in TX31. 


Friday, July 12

Public hearing on asylum seeking migrant families at the Texas-Mexico border.

The committee on Homeland Security & Public Safety will meet jointly with the committee on International Relations and Economic Development to hear invited testimony on issues related to the increase in asylum-seeking migrant families at the Texas-Mexico border.

2 p.m. at the Texas Capitol, Room E1.030

View schedule on TXLEGE website

Sunday, July 14

Mueller Report Read LIVE

The third installment in our series of readings from the Mueller Report, at North Door Austin. Doors open at 5 p.m.

RSVP here

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