Write your reps! Trump’s unconstitutional call to delay elections

On July 30, Trump tweeted, “Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???”

Trump's tweet about delaying elections

Trump does not have the power to delay elections. He is trying to distract people from abysmal economic numbers and the funeral of voting rights legend Rep. John Lewis.

However, Trump’s suggestion is still incredibly dangerous because it undermines trust in the election process. Trump’s GOP enablers in Congress should speak clearly and loudly against this affront to our Constitution. Likewise, they should vote on and pass the election security bills that the Senate GOP has been blocking since 2019.

One reply on “Write your reps! Trump’s unconstitutional call to delay elections”

  1. Delaying elections is not a joke. The date is set by law. Congress has the responsibility to make certain the the elections are administered so that everyone with the right to vote gets to vote. In the midst of a pandemic this means extended voting opportunities and VOTE BY MAIL. Time to fund the postal service!

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