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VOTE on Tuesday, November 5

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Ask your reps #OneSimpleQuestion about impeachment

“Do you think it’s OK to ask a foreign power to interfere in our elections?”

We know – there’s lots of breaking news every day and it’s confusing! Here’s all you need to know:

  • Trump pushed Ukraine to interfere in our 2020 elections.
  • He used US military aid to pressure them to dig up dirt on his political opponent.
  • Then, he tried to cover it up.
  • If the average person did this, they’d go to jail.

No matter what else we learn, or what desperate tactics Trump tries to use to distract, the facts here are what matters. It’s critical that Congress move forward with impeachment because nobody is above the law.

Send a letter to Cornyn, Cruz, and your Congressman asking this #OneSimpleQuestion

Sign up for or register an impeachment event

From Indivisible TX Lege

1. Call Governor Greg Abbott (512-463-1782), AG Ken Paxton (512-462-2100), and your state Rep and Senator to stop harassment of a 7 year old child.

Just this week, our Governor, Attorney General, and several State Representatives targeted a 7 year old child, going so far as to publicly state her name and spreading lies about her, putting her and her mother’s safety at risk. Hate has no place in Texas, and this behavior cannot be tolerated. Call all of your elected officials and push them to stop the fear-mongering and instead work for a Texas where all Texans’ privacy, safety, and individual rights are protected.

For more: Texas Tribune Thread Regarding this Event

Say: “Hi, I’m a constituent of [Governor/AG/Representative/Senator] _________ and I’m calling because I was horrified to learn that several elected Texas officials recently identified a 7 year old by name who may seek medical treatment in the future to delay puberty, and spread lies about her mother wanting to chemically castrate her. By doing so, they’ve put the lives of these two Texans in danger. It’s unbelievable that there is such little regard for this child’s safety, and that anyone would target a child for political gain. I want [Governor/AG/Representative/Senator] ___________ to issue a statement in support of this family and encourage all electeds to devote state resources to ensure the family’s safety. And if the [Governor/AG/Representative/Senator] wants to focus on protecting Texas children, I strongly encourage them to focus on real threats, like our abysmally low child healthcare insurance rate. My zip code is _____.”

2. Call Governor Abbott at 512-463-1782 Today and sign up to volunteer for the Homes Not Handcuffs Coalition to push back on his fearful rhetoric against the homeless.

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Sign up for a City of Austin workshop on Undoing Racism and Community Organizing 

Tuesday, November 5

Election Day. (See the Take Action section above.)

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Saturday, November 9

Workshop on Organizing, Climate Justice, and Democracy

Hosted by Austin Sierra Club

1:30 p.m. at Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter Office, 6406 N I-35

Facilitated by community organizers Dave Cortez and Shane Johnson (of Austin Sierra Club and Indivisible Austin), this workshop is the first in an ongoing series designed to support a growing network of activists who want to network, learn how to be better organizers, and build collective power so we can win on a variety of issues.

We will focus on two subject issues of fighting Big Oil & Gas and the Permian Highway Pipeline, and moving Austin towards 100% clean energy as examples of active and current campaigns.

View Facebook event

Saturday, November 9 & Sunday, November 10

Join the Austin #SickOfItTX Block Walk

Health care was the top issue for Texas voters in 2018… but state leaders once again failed to expand health coverage in 2019. Indivisible Austin is sick of it. That’s why we’re co-hosting the #SickOfItTX Block Walk for Health Care in Austin on Nov. 9 as part of a statewide weekend of action for health care.

We’ll be asking neighbors three key questions:

  1. Do you have health insurance?
  2. Do your children have health insurance?
  3. What do you do when you get sick?

These conversation starters will help us better understand the needs of our fellow Texans and recruit others to get involved. Then we’ll give our fellow Texans a megaphone so lawmakers will hear them loud and clear.

Go to and sign up for the Austin Block Walk.

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Thursday, November 21

A Conversation with Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez, Candidate for U.S Senate

Join The Texas Tribune in person or on their livestream for a conversation with Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez, Democratic candidate for U.S Senate, which Texas Tribune co-founder and CEO Evan Smith will moderate.

RSVP on Eventbrite

Learn about other Senate candidates on our 2020 resources page

Let’s talk about the climate crisis

The Austin American-Statesman is out with a deep dive into Texas’s rising temperatures and heat-related death toll—and the politicians who refuse to acknowledge the crisis.

Texas Heat Deaths

“Interviews with scientists and climate experts helped us understand that the increasing electricity disconnections, heat deaths and health emergencies were happening amid historic rising temperatures, hotter years than the Lone Star state has seen before. Yet no state agency is holistically examining the public health effects of rising heat or searching for solutions to mitigate the increasing toll of climate change here. And in Texas’ conservative legislature, lawmakers have largely refused to acknowledge the reality of rising heat, failing to even hold hearings on climate-related proposals during the 2019 legislative session.”

Read “Hostage to Heat”

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