Roundup of statements from Central Texas reps on Trump’s incitement of violence against Rep. Ilhan Omar

In a clear incitement of racist violence, the president tweeted a video that intercuts four words spoken by Rep. Ilhan Omar with graphic footage from 9/11. Our representatives—and presidential candidates—should all condemn the president’s latest Islamophobic demagoguery.

Democratic representatives need to make clear that the Congresswoman has the party’s support. Presidential candidates should issue statements that support Rep. Omar and clearly denounce the president.

Our GOP representatives should not be let off the hook, either. Our expectations for them have sunk low, but racism and attacks by the White House on the legislative branch of government are bipartisan problems.

Here are the statements issued so far. We will update this page as new statements are made.

U.S. Congress

Sen. John Cornyn

no statement

Sen. Ted Cruz

This clip has virtually nothing to do with anything but appears to be Ted Cruz’s statement on the matter.

Rep. Michael McCaul

no statement

Rep. Bill Flores

No statement, except to retweet the president.

Rep. Chip Roy

no statement

Rep. Roger Williams

no statement

Rep. John Carter

no statement

Rep. Lloyd Doggett

Rep. Joaquin Castro

Congressional Candidates

Other Notable Statements

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