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Hey Cruz and Cornyn: Why are you afraid of Democracy? Tell Sen. McConnell to bring H.R.1 to a floor vote.

Unflattering headshots of John Cornyn and Ted CruzH.R.1, the “For the People Act of 2019,” passed the House, with all Republicans voting against the bill. The bill includes Rep. Lloyd Doggett’s provision to ensure that we seek the business tax returns, as well as the personal individual returns of candidates for president.

From the Washington Post:

“The bill that Democrats voted on today would drain that swamp. It would require major presidential candidates to release 10 years of tax returns and require that presidents and vice presidents divest to avoid financial conflicts of interest. It would bolster transparency on campaign spending and fortify ethics rules constraining lobbyists in all kinds of ways. It would thwart voter suppression and extreme gerrymanders while making participation easier. Political scientist Lee Drutman has described the bill as “the most transformative pro-democracy package in decades.””

Sen. Mitch McConnell says that he will not allow this bill to come to a vote in the Senate. So our job is to:

  • Tell Cruz and Cornyn to pressure McConnell to allow a vote in the Senate
  • Ask your GOP House reps why they voted against H.R.1. What are they so afraid of?
  • Bonus: Thank Rep. Lloyd Doggett for his leadership

Resource: H.R.1: Strengthening Our Democracy

Keep saying NO to David Whitley for Texas Secretary of State

Say NO to David Whitley, say NO to voter suppression

While all 12 Democratic state senators are on the record as a “No” on the confirmation of David Whitley for Texas Secretary of State, we need to make sure they hold the line. Keep calling and writing, as a vote in the full senate is expected soon.

Write a letter to your state senator here

Read: If Democrats take a nap, Abbott’s nominee for secretary of state will come back to life (Daily Caller)

How your voices are making a difference

  • House Dems sent more than 80 letters seeking information from Trump World, including Donald Jr and Eric Trump
  • The Democratic National Convention rejected FOX News as a host for presidential debates
  • House Democrats introduced a bill to protect White House whistleblowers who signed NDAs

Read how the walls are closing in…


On Tuesday at the Texas Capitol, the House Human Services Committee will hold a hearing on the Children’s Health Coverage bill. The legislation, HB 342, by Rep. Phillip Cortez, would allow eligible kids to stay enrolled in Medicaid insurance for a full year. Texas currently requires many parents to file additional paperwork month after month, resulting in some children temporarily getting knocked off of insurance — and missing out on health care — due to a paperwork snafu.There are three key ways you can to speak up to support children’s health care:

  1. Call Committee members to urge them to support the bill. If you contact Chairman James Frank, be sure to thank him for holding the hearing.
  2. Attend the hearing and register your name in the official record as a supporter of the bill.
  3. Use the League of Women Voters’ action alert to email your legislators about the bill.


View all of the lobby and advocacy days at #TXLEGE

Monday, March 11

March on the Capitol for Texas Public Education

Hosted by Texas AFT and Texas AFL-CIO

Had enough of stagnant pay, overwhelming health-care costs and inadequate funding for our students? Join us for a rally at the Capitol where we intend to be 10,000 strong telling legislators that we are ready to Speak Out! and Stand Together! for public education.

Thursday, March 14

Day of Action for Immigrant Families

Hosted by Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA)

Facebook event

Texas is under attack. The current administration has used Texas and its communities as scapegoats to push their Wall agenda. As a result, Texas communities have been slandered and now, our Texas is in danger of suffering the consequences of decisions made by legislators who do not know us. It is time that we demand our state elected officials to stand up for Texas and demand the respect that our communities deserve.

Monday, March 18

All In For Equality Advocacy Day

Hosted by Equality Texas, ACLU of Texas and others

Facebook event

Join us at the Texas Capitol for All In For Equality Advocacy Day on Monday, March 18, 2019. This is an opportunity for YOU to ask state leaders to pass inclusive policies that protect all Texans, including our children; and end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.

Fire John Cornyn!

Fire John Cornyn!

This opinion piece in the Houston Chronicle captures the essence of what is wrong with John Cornyn.

“Texas’ senior senator doesn’t like the way President Trump has used the power to declare a national emergency to get his border wall built. Is the senator going to do anything about it? No, he isn’t.”

“That, in a nutshell, is the tragedy of U.S. Sen. John Cornyn as he prepares to battle his way to another term.”

“So why the inaction? It’s becoming a signature Cornyn approach: Raise thoughtful objections to mark disagreement with the president, but then explain why there isn’t anything that he can do about it.”

Read: The tragedy of John Cornyn

Take the pledge to fire John Cornyn

Your Moment of Zen

Funding the Fight

Even with the House flipping, it feels like everything is getting more chaotic.

The fear of accountability seems to have ratcheted up the cruelty and incompetence to new heights. That’s why having voices consistently, steadily pushing us forward, keeping an eye out for inflection points where real differences can be made, is so important.

That’s why Indivisible Austin is here, to keep us moving forward together, with our eyes open. Be a part of that work. Make a gift today.



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