Write Your Reps! Tell your reps to end the #FakeEmergency

Fake Emergency: Senate Edition

The House PASSED Rep. Joaquin Castro’s resolution to end the Fake National Emergency. Now it goes to the Senate. Ultimately it will need a veto-proof majority. So write your senators now!

Trump declared a national emergency to build his vanity wall after signing the funding bill that will lead to even more detention, deportation, and family separations at the border.

But Congress has the power to act! They can pass a resolution contesting the status of the national emergency — that’s part of the National Emergencies Act of 1976.

In addition to calling, emails are an effective way to reach your elected representatives. If your reps don’t appear in these campaigns, you can usually find a contact form on their website. Another alternative is ResistBot, which allows you to contact your reps via text message, Twitter, or Facebook—it’s fun!


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  1. I am your constituent and I expect you to defend the constitution by supporting the resolution to terminate the President’s National Emergency to build that wall. As Texans, you cannot support this use of Unlimited Power that will set the precedent for future presidential power and render you all useless and powerless.

    1. Hi Suzy – thank you! And be sure to also submit your comment via the form embedded on this page. That way it goes directly to your reps!

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