Take Action Newsletter: Whose House? OUR House, Christmas in Tornillo, Open Letter to Paxton and Abbott

Take Action

Christmas in Tornillo: An Indivisible Dispatch

Christmas in Tornillo

“Like everything this administration does, the detention of youthful asylum seekers is as chaotic and dehumanizing as possible.”

Read more in this post from TX10 Indivisible about spending Christmas in Tornillo—and how you can help the children detained at the West Texas Detention Facility.

Open Letter from ADAPT of Texas to Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton

In this letter, our friends at ADAPT of Texas call out Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton for their attempted dismantling of the Affordable Care Act. They specifically highlight two areas of the ACA that currently have a direct positive effect on people with disabilities of all ages: pre-existing conditions protections, and community long-term services and supports.

Read and share this letter on social media. Make sure Paxton and Abbott see it!

How your voices are making a difference

  • Donny is in hiding but for his panicked Twitter effluvia
  • the House will not seat the North Carolina Republican currently under investigation for fraudulent election practices
  • Mueller might have a naked selfie of Individual 1 (*shudder*)

Read more VOICES


Whose House? Our House. Join the January 3 Day of Action.

On January 3rd, Indivisible groups will organize across the country at the offices of their members of Congress, calling for their strong support for the democracy reform bill that Democrats are expected to introduce that day. (H.R. 1).


Julie Oliver with daughterHere in Austin, the main in-person action is at Rep. Roger Williams’s downtown office, hosted by Indivisible TX25 East Austin and featuring former candidate Julie Oliver! (Read the full press release.)

WHAT: “Who’s House? Our House!” Kickoff Rally

WHO: Members of local TX 25 Indivisible groups, Jolt, Fair Maps Texas, and Common Cause

Guest Speaker: Julie Oliver, former TX 25 Congressional candidate

WHERE: Austin office of Rep. Roger Williams

1005 Congress Ave #925, Austin, TX 78701

WHEN: Thursday, January 3, from 4-5:30 p.m.


Where's McCaul?

Over in Rep. McCaul’s district, organizers with TX10 Indivisible are encouraging constituents to contact their representative’s office to demand a town hall—something McCaul hasn’t done in nine years. Here’s a script:

Representative McCaul,

It’s a new Congress — Voting rights, ethics, and the undue influence of big money in campaigns are high on our list.

We want you, our representative, to strengthen our voting laws to include online voter registration, to end gerrymandering, and to restore the Voting Rights Act.

We want you to require that all political organizations disclose their donors.

We are here, we are watching and we will hold you accountable.

Your constituent, (name) (zip code)

Contact Michael McCaul’s Austin office:

Phone: 512-473-2357

Email: amanda.mcpherson@mail.house.gov

January 8—Save the Date: Millions March Texas 2019

Austin Justice Coalition hosts a day of action at OUR Texas State Capitol. It’s a day of solidarity, a day of accountability, as we tell our elected officials what we want to see come out of this legislative session.

RSVP with Austin Justice Coalition

Your Moment of Zen

Funding the Fight

Looking back on a year of progress in Central Texas

In 2018, Indivisible Austin:

  • Knocked on nearly 2,500 doors for Beto & other progressive candidates
  • Called more than 5,000 Central Texas voters
  • Helped increase voter turnout in our target precinct by 78% (!)
  • Coordinated with March On Texas to send 90,000 postcards to Texas voters
  • Researched, wrote and sent 52 weekly action emails with scripts for MoCs, calls-to-action for local issues, activist spotlights, resistance calendar items, and the ever-critical Moment of Zen
  • Co-hosted the Families Belong Together rally that drew more than 20K people + 45 other events
  • Co-hosted a Town Hall for Our Lives led by Austin students
  • …and so much more

A gift to Indivisible Austin, large or small, helps us continue to do this work. As we move into 2019, we’ll be focused on the 86th session of the Texas Legislature as well as the new session of Congress. It’s an exciting time as we build on the wins that our collective efforts as a progressive movement made in 2018.

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