How Your Voices Are Making A Difference: Checking a Runaway Administration

This list of our progress is growing longer each week. To make it a little easier for you to navigate, I’m breaking it down into categories from here on out—with some delightful bonus material at the end.

Let’s start with our ever-growing weekly feature, Republicans Against the Law, which, perhaps not coincidentally, overlaps with the latest updates on Robert Mueller’s investigation:

A federal judge rejected Donald’s request to review materials confiscated from lawyer Michael Cohen’s office before releasing them (because, crazy as it may seem, most judges won’t give potentially incriminating evidence to the control of a person of interest in an investigation). Michael Cohen’s mysterious third client was identified, and it’s SEAN HANNITY, y’all. The FOX personality who is Donald’s staunchest defender just so happens to share his lawyer, who has been under federal investigation for months. And has defended that same lawyer on FOX at least six times without ever revealing his direct connection to the man. And is so close to Donald that White House staff refer to him as the shadow chief of staff. FOX is, of course, standing by their man, but advertisers are starting to flee the sinking ship of his show.

In a not-unexpected Twitter tantrum after James Comey’s interview, Donald attacked the former FBI director and said he should be jailed for crimes that Donald failed to specify or support. Comey retaliated that this is not some “tin-pot dictatorship” (however much Donald likes to play make-believe that it is).

Donald, who stated on a national TV interview shortly after firing Comey that it was because of the Russia investigation, tweeted this week that he didn’t fire Comey for anything related to the Russia investigation “where, by the way, there was NO COLLUSION (except by the Dems).” It would all be hilarious if it weren’t, you know, our real-life president.

Yet Mitch McConnell has vowed to keep bipartisan legislation protecting Mueller’s investigation from the Senate floor for a vote. Notwithstanding, the Senate Judiciary Committee will move forward on the issue, hopefully forcing McConnell to uphold his oath of office and actually defend his country and Constitution.

Pittsburgh is one of the cities bracing for mass protests if Mueller is fired, with full-scale riot preparations. Find out where and when our local protest will be in the event of Mueller’s—or Rosenstein’s—firing here, and sign up for immediate updates.

Meanwhile the New York attorney general is seeking the power to bypass presidential pardons, so that criminal charges can be brought against those who break the law, even if they are tied to the president. That should add some spice to Mueller’s debriefings.

Amid all this, beleaguered Donald attorney (and likely future stool pigeon) Robert Cohen withdrew his libel lawsuit regarding the Russia dossier, likely because it would have forced Cohen to release information relating to his activities during the 2016 campaign.

More Republicans Against the Law:

In another overlap from this category, we have “Draining the Swamp” (note ironic quotes):

And in its own subcategory of The Law Against Republicans, here are this week’s ways the judiciary continues its proper function of holding this runaway administration in check:

Gun reform:

In other political news:

Social/civil rights:

Your feel-good story for the week:

An American featherweight boxer showed up to fight Mexican boxer Francisco Vargas wearing shorts that said “America First” and an image of a brick wall—and subsequently got his ass handed to him in the ring.

As a bonus for reading this far, please enjoy these recordings of Donald pretending to be “John Barron” and lying to a Forbes magazine reporter about his wealth. Please also enjoy this painful video of Kellyanne Conway actually doing something worse than she does her current job.

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