Join the Nov. 18 Statewide Rally to Tell Ted Cruz to Give Blood Money to Gun Victims

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Multiple Indivisible groups will be hosting a rally in support of the victims of gun violence on Saturday November 18 at Senator Ted Cruz’s office in Austin. This is a statewide action, with sister rallies occurring in Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. Please join us as we tell Ted Cruz that we stand against the NRA and with the victims of gun violence.

Constituents Take Ted Cruz to Task on NRA Ties

Gun Safety Advocates: Donate NRA Contributions to Families Gun Violence Victims

WHO: Indivisible Austin, Wilco Indivisible, Indivisible Houston, Pantsuit Republic Houston, Indivisible Austin, Indivisible TX Lege, TX21 Indivisible, TX20 Indivisible, TX23 Indivisible, TX28 Indivisible, TX35 Indivisible-San Antonio, and Women’s March on Washington-San Antonio and many more

WHAT: Statewide action 

WHEN: Saturday, November 18th, 2017, 10:00 AM

WHERE: Offices of Senator Ted Cruz in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio

WHY: To demand the surrender and donation of NRA contributions and push for comprehensive gun reforms.

Given the recent shootings in Sutherland and Las Vegas, The People are taking mass action across Texas to raise awareness for comprehensive public safety protections from shootings. This Saturday, protests at the offices of Ted Cruz will call on the Senator to donate the $360,000 he has taken from Ammo lobby to the families of the victims of gun violence. The action also calls for closing gun loopholes by demanding universal background checks and universal criminal data sharing.

Stricter gun laws in the name of public safety and protections for the masses are popular with the public. A recent Gallup poll shows that 96% of Americans believe in universal background checks for all gun purchases, while 64% of Americans say they support stricter gun laws. An overwhelming majority believe stricter gun laws would reduce mass shootings in the United States.

It’s time to put an end to business as usual for the Ammo Industrial Complex, which has gotten away with endangering The People while lining the pockets of politicians and turning them into gun lobby surrogates. The NRA’s silence in the wake of the death of concealed carrier Philando Castile and the organization’s violent propaganda against peaceful advocates shows that the NRA is less concerned with protecting the 2nd Amendment than they are undermining the First Amendment and turning blood in the streets into cash in the bank.

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