Call Cruz, Cornyn & Paxton Today About Trump’s Decision to End CSR Payments

A worst-case scenario came true: the administration has announced that it will end the cost-sharing reduction payments, or CSRs, that lower out-of-pocket costs for low income enrollees. This may take effect immediately.

The elimination of CSRs is expected to cause premiums to rise on average at least 20% for ALL marketplace consumers, and some insurers may leave the marketplace altogether.


Here are three calls you need to make, one to each senator, and one to Ken Paxton. (You can also call your House member, but the healthcare working group is in the Senate.) We didn’t fight so long and so hard to have health care for millions ripped away by the sclerotic stroke of a pen.

Scripts courtesy of Celeste Pewter

Calls to Senators

You: Hello, my name is [name]. I’m calling from [zip code].

You: I am calling to ask [Cruz/Cornyn] to publicly denounce the Trump administration’s decision to end cost-sharing reductions for the Affordable Care Act. The CBO and independent studies all show this will increase health premiums by 20 percent or more, and the deficit will be up by $194 billion. (Per the CBO)

You: I am also demanding [Cruz/Cornyn] work with their colleagues to appropriate funding for CSR payments. [Cruz/Cornyn] has to focus on the goal of market stability and reducing premiums, for the good of the constituents they represent.

You: I will be monitoring how [Cruz/Cornyn] chooses to respond, and whether [Cruz/Cornyn] chooses to respond in a way that shows a commitment toward improving healthcare for all.

You: <Insert optional comment here>

Call to Ken Paxton – (512) 463-2100

You: Hi, my name is [name]. I am calling from [zip code]. 

You: I am calling on Ken Paxton to take action against the federal government’s decision to end cost-sharing reduction or CSR payments for the Affordable Care Act.

You: Please use all available legal means, including lawsuits against the federal government, to rectify this attempt to cause instability to the healthcare market.

You: Rising premiums would also cause significant financial challenges for individual states. Please act quickly.

You: <optional comment>

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  1. Did not have a good rap for Sen Cornyn but had a better thread of reason to ask Paxton to sue the feds ( being as they are experienced at suing the Feds) to resume payments to insurance companies

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