This is a request URGENT¬†assistance from Will Hurd’s district, TX23. He is still undecided on the vote, according to his staff. If you can make some phone calls tonight and tomorrow, please help!

Hello Austin Resistors! As you know there may be a vote on the GOP Health Care Bill very soon. This bill is even more dangerous than the first GOP Health Care bill because it strips away protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

We stopped this bill once, and if we work together we can stop it again! There are lots of exciting things happening tomorrow in San Antonio to pressure Rep. Will Hurd to vote no. And there are many ways you can help!

  1. Come to the “die-in” and rally they are staging at Hurd’s north side office at noon:¬†
  2. Make calls TONIGHT and TOMORROW to constituents in TX23, to ask them call Hurd’s office and urge him to vote no. You can do this by clicking this link:¬†
  3. Make calls TONIGHT to recruit other resistors to attend the “die-in” and day of action. To do this please private message your email address to Amy Kroll.

Thanks for fighting with us!

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