Action Alert: Call MoCs to Save ACA

ALERT! Two committees in the House appear to be planning to jam through legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act next Wednesday, March 8.  Call HOUSE REPS—especially Bill Flores if you are in TX-17—and ask them not to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

I am calling to ask my representative to vote NO on the repeal of the ACA and the mandates which help Obamacare function. The ACA has made it possible for 20 million more Americans to get health insurance, and reduced the uninsured rate to the lowest in history, and made health insurance within reach of 17.6 million people. We should not return to the time when a family was an illness away from bankruptcy, and taxpayers had to pay $75 to $125 BILLION dollars for uncompensated emergency-room visits. Please vote NO on repealing the ACA/Obamacare without plans for a replacement.

This is especially important if your rep is on the House Ways and Means or Energy and Commerce Committee. These are the committees planning to vote Wednesday.

Texas Representatives on the House Energy and Commerce Committee:

  • Joe Barton  (R) – Vice Chairman
  • Michael Burgess (R)
  • Pete Olson (R)
  • Bill Flores (R)
  • Gene Green (D)

Texas Representatives on the House Ways and Means Committee

  • Kevin Brady
  • Sam Johnson (R)
  • Kenny Marchant (R)
  • Lloyd Doggett (D)

Read our deep-dive on the ACA.

And if you are in Austin on Monday, attend the Rally to Protect Health Care: Cover Texas Now! Advocacy Day

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