Take Action: Rallies at Senators’ district offices to stop the cabinet of corruption

Week of Jan. 22, 2017

Sunday, January 22

TONIGHT: Emergency call with Indivisible, MoveOn, and Working Families

7 Central Time

Monday, January 23

Call your Senators!

Senate will vote on the confirmation of Representative Mike Pompeo of Kansas to lead the Central Intelligence Agency (NYTimes)

Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote on Secretary of State nominee, Rex W. Tillerson (NYTimes)

View scripts here.

Tuesday, January 24

Rallies at Senators’ district offices to stop the cabinet of corruption

When: Tuesday, January 24 at noon (local time)

Where: Senators John Cornyn’s and Ted Cruz’s Austin District Offices
Chase Tower, 221 W. Sixth St.
Austin, TX 78701

This event is hosted and organized by MoveOn. Per MoveOn, all protestors are required to abide by local laws and be peaceful.

Call your Senators!

Committee votes on Carson, Chou, Hailey, Ross.

Hearings on McMahon, Mulvaney, Price.

This is a good primer. 

Here are some scripts.

Call your representative in the HOUSE and tell them to vote No on HR 7 aka the Hyde Amendment.

You would think, in the wake of Saturday’s monumental Women’s March that Congress might show some respect for women’s rights. You’d be wrong. Instead, on Tuesday, January 24th, the House has scheduled a vote on HR 7. This unnecessary and intrusive legislation meddles with the private insurance marketplace and attacks women’s reproductive rights. It’s not the first time Republicans have tried to pass this anti-woman bill.

Planned Parenthood page on the Hyde Amendment

Weekly IndivisibleATX Conference call

8 p.m. Central Time

Dial-in Number: 1-(712) 770-8067
Conference Code: 409542

Wednesday, January 25

This space intentionally left blank. Get some rest.

Thursday, January 26

Call all of your Members of Congress (MoCs) on Trump’s executive orders. 


Friday, January 27

Keep the Pressure On: Tell Congress to #ProtectOurCare.

One of President Trump’s first acts in office was to sign an Executive Order that could threaten essential components of the Affordable Care Act. But to dismantle the ACA, Trump will need to get repeal legislation through Congress. Keep the pressure on your members of Congress! Tell your Representative and two Senators that you won’t stand by and let 30+ million people lose their healthcare — and that you expect that they won’t either.

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