Protest Safety & Verbal Self Defense Training

If you’re gearing up for one of the marches or other actions this month, here’s a good starter guide for Protest Safety (site includes links to more advanced info and a PDF version of the Basic info for printing/sharing).

We also want to offer some training and practice for engaging with our representatives at public events. If you’re interested in a 1-2 hour session that would cover some of the following, please leave a Comment on this post:

  • Grounding and emotional self-regulation techniques for public speaking/civic conflict situations
  • How to take control of the conversation (being rude for the right reasons)
  • Coordinating group action at an event
  • Tactical nonviolence planning essentials

If you have other concerns related to safe engagement, please note those below too, and we’ll try to address them!



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  1. My neighborhood just decided to form a group and discussed at length the desire to do something like this. It looks like there would be about 15 people from our group that would be interested in attending.

  2. Very interested. We have a group of people on my neighborhood that would most likely be interested as well.

  3. If you wanted to Facebook live or record some portion of the training regarding interacting with reps, I think it could be very useful for the many groups starting up out there. Any possibility of that?

  4. We would be doing these locally but could certainly record some or all, provided the participants are comfortable with that.

    1. Hi MiGrant – you can talk to me about blogging. We’re all spread a little thin at the moment. Can you message me on the FB page?

  5. For those in Austin: Would a weekend be more feasible for you and your affinity groups, or a weekday evening?

    1. I think a weekend afternoon might be best or a first try. Between responses here and my other group, it looks like about 25 interested folks so far.

  6. Thanks for the replies–next step should probably be finding a space that is available on a weekend afternoon. If anyone knows of one, please note it here or use the Contact page!

    1. Austin Public Libraries have free meeting rooms available for reservations. I’d definitely like to participate if there’s space.

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