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Texas District 25

Austin is unique for its six, insanely gerrymandered congressional districts. Having such arbitrary boundaries makes it difficult to organize. For example, District 25 spans from Austin to Fort Worth, with a middle finger extending eastward through Austin.

To confront this challenge, Indivisible Austin serves as an umbrella for other Indivisible groups organized by district. Some of these groups will splinter from our organization, and others will spring up on their own. Either way is fine!

If you haven’t found an Indivisible group for your district, contact us and we’ll connect you. And if you’ve already started your own thing, great! Let us know and we’ll get the word out.

Here are the other groups we know about. (Will update this as they pop up.)

District 10

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  1. Thank you fo r your response … sorry I wasn’t clear… I mean the ATX Indivisible group contact for District 17.. that is what I am seeking…

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