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#BlackLivesMatter | Take Action Newsletter

Take Action Listen to Black Voices. This past weekend, police violence roiled Austin and many other cities. The police slayings of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Michael Ramos in Austin, and countless other unarmed Black people in the United States sparked unprecedented protest—mostly peaceful, sometimes not. Austin Justice Coalition planned a march on the Capitol on Sunday—with speakers including Michael Ramos’s ...
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Share your Texas healthcare story; Tell Spencer Cronk to Bring In Progressive Police Leadership | Take Action Newsletter

Donate to Support UT’s Undocumented Students and Their Families
Take Action Share your Texas healthcare story Texas has the highest uninsured rate in the nation for children, adults, and women of childbearing age. Gov. Abbott’s failure to expand Medicaid in the midst of global pandemic exacerbates the deadly conditions that kill more Texans. The #SICKOFITTX coalition is collecting Texans’ healthcare stories to share with lawmakers. Tell your healthcare story ...
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Tell John Cornyn that shifting blame to China will kill more Texans | Take Action Newsletter

Cornyn blame-shifting fundraising letter
Take Action A special message for John Cornyn: China didn’t make the US the epicenter of the coronavirus. Trump did. Sen. John Cornyn is taking it upon himself to single-handedly shift blame for the US death toll from COVID-19 away from Donald Trump and onto...China. Cornyn’s shameless sycophancy will get people killed. It will also likely raise millions of dollars ...
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Fight COVID-19 disinformation; Tell Cornyn, Cruz & Abbott they can’t cowboy their way through this | Take Action Newsletter

Abbott and Trump at White House
Take Action Three things Texans can do to fight COVID-19 disinformation and political hackery America’s massively disproportionate COVID-19 body count was completely preventable. But prevention would have required leadership. We don’t have leaders anymore. We have lapdogs and pundits. They all need to be replaced in November, but in the meantime we have to slow the bleeding. We can do ...
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