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Take Action

Call Gov. Abbott TODAY and urge him to expand Medicaid to save our lives and protect our hospitals

Please call him using this patch-through number: 1-877-880-6704 with the following message:

Please expand Medicaid for the Texans who are uninsured and need healthcare, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. When any one of us can’t get the care we need, all of us are at risk for infection, complications, and even death. Our health depends on the health of the person next to us, and the person next to them. Please expand Medicaid.

Learn more at #SICKOFITTX

DOUBLE WIN: Support the USPS and the Indivisible Rosedale Huddle

Action from Indivisible Rosedale Huddle

The United States Postal Service is in trouble and buying stamps is a way to help them. Coincidentally, Indivisible Rosedale Huddle needs stamps for our TX10 GOTV postcard writing project. Buying postcard stamps and donating them to the project could help both at the same time.

Your options:

  1. Buy postcard stamps and have them mailed directly to us:

Rosedale Huddle
4613 Shoalwood Ave
Austin, TX 78756

(This will be recorded as a donation to the Rosedale Huddle PAC)

  1. Donate money to the Rosedale Huddle directly, and we will use your donation to buy postcard stamps from USPS. All donations made between now and July 1st will be used for stamp purchases.
  2. Buy postcard stamps and mail stamps and receipt to the address above. And we still need postcards written! We are still about 3,000 postcards short of our goal so KEEP WRITING!

Write a Letter to the Editor Demanding Congress Pass a People’s Bailout

Submit a letter to the editor now to explain to your neighbors and Congress the importance of a People’s Bailout and urge your neighbors to get involved in this fight.

Get started with help from the Indivisible Project

ICYMI: Last Week’s Actions

Write a letter to Greg Abbott demanding vote-by-mail in Texas

  • Update: District Court Judge Tim Sulak signed an order saying all Texans can now request a mail ballot citing fear of coronavirus as a “disability” preventing in-person voting. This is the current law of the land but will surely be challenged. (It doesn’t hurt to keep sending letters, since Abbott/Paxton will continue to fight to disenfranchise you.)
  • Download and print a vote-by-mail application or request one here.

Write to your reps to save the USPS <—This is still important!

Virtual Events

Tuesday, April 21

Young Texans Town Hall w/ Rep. Doggett

MOVE Texas Facebook Live event with Rep. Lloyd Doggett

5 p.m. on Facebook Live. MOVE Texas hosts a virtual town hall with Congressman Lloyd Doggett. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many young Texans have questions about how the Federal Government is responding. As part of our Social Justice for Social Distancing series, Congressman Lloyd Doggett will join MOVE Texas for a Facebook Live town hall on how the CARES Act and other pieces of legislation are going to impact our community.

Facebook Live Event

Virtual Roundtable with Julie Oliver — Immigration

Immigration roundtable with Julie Oliver

6 p.m. – RSVP for details. Join Julie, along with Pooja Sethi, Adriana Quiroga and Juan Benitez, for a virtual roundtable to come together as a community and to discuss available COVID-19 resources in #TX25. The focus will be on resources to support immigration in Texas and how best we can weather the crisis while supporting and showing solidarity for one another.

Please RSVP to this event

Saturday, April 25

Indivisible Community Call

7 p.m. on Zoom. This virtual get-together is a chance to connect with Indivisibles from across the country for some fun!

Come enjoy music, laughter and connection with Indivisibles from across our network for a little reprieve from the challenging times we’re in.

Please RSVP for this webinar from the national Indivisible Project

Coronavirus News & Resources

TX10 Resource Guide (Mike Siegel campaign)

TX17 Resource Guide (Rick Kennedy campaign)

TX21 Resource Guide (Wendy Davis campaign)

TX25 Resource Guide (Julie Oliver campaign)

TX31 Resource Guide (Christine Mann campaign)

TX35 Resource Guide (office of Rep. Lloyd Doggett)

Texas Had a State Office That Could Have Investigated Racial Disparities in COVID-19 Cases. Lawmakers Defunded it Three Years Ago. (Texas Observer)

Coronavirus in Texas: How many cases, deaths and tests (Texas Tribune)

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