Write Your Reps! Tell Greg Abbott: Call a special session to #DoSomething about gun violence in Texas

The day before a gunman—specifically targeting Mexican immigrants—killed 22 people in an El Paso Walmart, Gov. Greg Abbott sent a fundraising letter that warned:

“Unless you and I want liberals to succeed in their plan to transform Texas—and our entire country—through illegal immigration.”

Since then, Gov. Abbott has acknowledged that “mistakes were made,” a dodge so pervasive in politics that it has its own Wikipedia page. Abbott went on to assemble a “domestic terrorism task force” whose membership insures that absolutely nothing will be done to prevent gun violence or to dampen the anti-immigrant rhetoric that has become the hallmark of the Texas GOP.

It’s time we let Gov. Abbott know that half-measures and passive, non-apology apologies aren’t going to cut it this time.

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  1. Dear Governor Abbott:
    Your weak response to gun violence shows a lack of leadership and a lack of responsiveness to constituents. Do better. Call a special session. Care about Texans, not just donor dollars.

  2. Come on, Governor Abbot! Do something about gun control! You didn’t help the problem at all with the last bills that you signed. We need you to do it NOW!

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