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Republicans Reconsidering (and Calling out the Very Stable Genius)

In a fairly pointed rebuke of Don John, former president George W. Bush said at a naturalization ceremony in Dallas, “May we never forget that immigration is a blessing and a strength.”

In the wake of Don John’s escalating, unbelievable ongoing attacks on a dead war hero who served his country with honor all his life, a handful of Republicans are actually speaking out, most of them tepidly except for Georgia senator Johnny Isakson, who called the remarks “deplorable” (as in “basket of…”).

McCain’s daughters aren’t holding back, Meghan McCain calling out Donny’s bullying and lack of decency and stating that “no one will ever love you like they loved my father.” Even the usually taciturn Bridget was moved to reply, calling the Mentally Deranged Dotard a “child” who lacks decency and compassion. Be best, Donald.

Republican political commentator Ana Navarro also got all up in Donny’s and the GOP’s bidness over Don John’s craven attacks, accusing him of “flat-out” and “pathological” lies and calling Republicans who haven’t spoken up to defend McCain from Donald’s false accusations and slander “spineless…cowards siding with a draft dodger over a war hero.” In ya FACE, Republicans.

And former senator Joe Lieberman, who nearly became McCain’s running mate in the 2008 election, wrote a heartfelt op-ed about the craven attacks on a deceased war hero and universally respected politician.

Meanwhile, the commandant of the marines chastised Donny’s sending troops to the southern border for his made-up national emergency, stating that the decision, and rerouting funds to those forces, has posed “unacceptable risk to Marine Corps combat readiness and solvency.”

Donald’s Foot in Donald’s Mouth

Donny says he doesn’t mind if anyone sees the Mueller report—thus removing one major argument opponents have had for making the report public. Side note—don’t be alarmed by the one survey recently released that suggested most Americans are skeptical of Mueller’s investigation. A survey written without the flaws and biases of the other revealed that 62 percent of Americans are confident in the fairness of the investigation.

Fragile baby Donald threatened SNL with a federal investigation for mocking him, seemingly under the mistaken belief that comedy shows and late-night talk shows—which are protected as free speech and fall under the First Amendment—are governed by FCC rules and fall under the equal-time rule to provide equal on-air time to opposing political candidates during prime time if requested.

Meanwhile the twit in chief keeps retweeting conspiracy theorists.

Social and Civil Rights Advances

The first woman to win the international Abel Prize for math (modeled after the Nobel prize) hails right here from Austin—retired UT professor Karen Uhlenbeck is the prize’s first female recipient since the award’s inception in 2003.

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to reconsider a lower court’s ruling against the owner of a Hawaii B&B who refused to rent a room to a gay couple, stating that she violated a state antidiscrimination law.

Citing its anti-LGBTQ charitable donations, the San Antonio city council voted to block Chick-Fil-A from the city’s airport concessions.

In a direct response to mass protests led by activists, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo announced they will no longer fund private prisons.

Within six days of New Zealand’s horrific white-terrorism attack on a mosque that killed more than 40 innocent people, Jacinda Ardern shepherded in swift legislation banning military-style weapons, showing how you handle a mass white-terrorist shooting of dozens of innocent people–with swift legislation. Actual action, rather than useless “thoughts and prayers” and kowtowing to a powerful weapons lobby. The Second Amendment and sensible gun regulation can coexist. Thank goodness for so many other world leaders stepping into the total leadership void left in the U.S.

Republicans Against the Law

federal judge halted oil drilling on 300,000 acres in Wyoming, stating that the federal government didn’t adequately investigate how drilling might affect global warming.

A federal judge countermanded Donald’s assertion that his transgender military ban could go into effect, halting its implementation.

Remember the voted-out Republican party in Wisconsin trying to illegally limit the incoming Democratic lawmakers’ power? A state judge blocked it.

The Michigan attorney general reached a settlement with the ACLU in a lawsuit contending that faith-based adoption agencies receiving tax funding cannot discriminate against LGBTQ clients who wish to adopt.

Enjoy this article by the Washington Post that dissects why federal judges have ruled against Donny and White House actions at least 63 times (so far).

Your Feel-good stories of the week

If this shitshow of an administration and the stress of waiting for Mueller’s report to be released to the public has been driving you to drink, at least you can make it this.

Hail the “magic fridge.”

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