Rally to #SaveSCOTUS (& Democracy)

Rally to Save SCOTUS on Tuesday 7/17


Given Trump’s frightening display of fealty to Vladimir Putin today, we welcome all who want to use this rally as a chance to voice their Russia-related concerns to Ted Cruz.

And the issues are related: Kavanaugh is on record stating he doesn’t think a sitting president can be indicted.

Let’s show up and get loud and protest the government branch of your choosing. (Please comment with ideas for signs that pull double duty!)

WHEN: Tuesday, July 17th, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (feel free to come for some or all of the time)

WHERE: Outside Ted Cruz’s office at 8th and San Jacinto

WHAT: Join us at the intersection of 8th & San Jacinto to amplify the movement to #SaveSCOTUS from Trump’s extremist nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Yes, our senators are named John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. But there’s good reason to gather: history shows that mass constituent pushback is the only way to stop a Supreme Court nominee, and gathering together this Tuesday will facilitate many actions—like contacting friends and family in other states—to keep Austin plugged into the #SaveSCOTUS movement.


In preparation for the rally we need your help too—email shane@indivisibleaustin.com if you can bring supplies or volunteer:

  • Supplies: poster board/cardboard, water/drinks, megahorns, postcards/letters, pens and markers
  • Volunteer roles: chant leader (directly-impacted people strongly preferred); voter registration; video/photography; social media; performers—such as singing, improv/acting, wearing a costume, creating an art piece there; possible translation services (Spanish, ASL, etc.)

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