Take Action: Stand by to #SaveSCOTUS

Take Action

Stand by to #SaveSCOTUS

Last week, the national Indivisible team announced their 2-step strategy to save the Supreme Court. This week, during the Congressional recess, we will join the nationwide week of action by Indivisible and a host of other groups.

Step 1 of the two-step strategy is to pressure senators to block any Trump nominee—and to disrupt those who are supporting the Trump agenda. Even here in Texas, with extremophiles who willfully neglect their constituents, we can draw the media’s attention to the battle to #SaveSCOTUS.

We are working as quickly as we can with partners across Central Texas to put together actions for this week. We will update you in the next 24-48 hours and upload our events ASAP to Indivisible’s nationwide map of events for the #SaveSCOTUS week of actions.

In the meantime, contact any friends or family in a state with Democratic Senators or who are represented by Sen. Murkowski (AK) or Collins (ME) to have them inundate their Senators’ offices about the dire need to #SaveSCOTUS. And call Cruz and Cornyn to set up meetings or flood their lines and inboxes—scripts available at the bottom of the strategy page here.

Thank Rep. Doggett for his support of the Austin Sanctuary Network

Indivisible Austin is a member of the Austin Sanctuary Network, a local multi-faith coalition supporting immigrants’ rights, helping asylum seekers, and supporting individuals living in sanctuary in the Austin area. (See the Get to Know section below for even more on ASN’s work.)

Currently, three people are living in sanctuary in Austin: Alirio Gamez, from El Salvador, and Hilda Ramirez and her 12-year-old son Ivan, from Guatemala. All are fleeing violence in their home countries. All have been in sanctuary since last fall, and while they appreciate the welcome and security the churches have provided, they’ve been effectively in prison. They need to get out of sanctuary; time is running out.

Field Office Director Daniel Bible, based in San Antonio, has the power to use prosecutorial discretion (PD) to grant a stay of removal, freeing Alirio, Hilda and Ivan from threat of deportation, but has refused to use it and is now refusing to talk with faith leaders from the ASN.

Thankfully, Rep. Lloyd Doggett has shown his support for ASN, and for families traumatized by ICE generally, and has communicated to ASN in writing he will formally request PD be granted for Alirio, Hilda and Ivan. TX-35 constituents, let’s call Rep. Doggett, thank him for his efforts and support on their behalf, and reiterate the urgency. We look forward to an update on the outcome of Rep. Doggett’s request.

How Your Voices Are Making a Difference

  • EPA head Scott Pruitt resigned
  • Another conservative columnist publicly renounced the Republican Party
  • Donald will be met with protesters at each stage of his UK visit



  • Saturday, Jul. 14, 12-4 PM, Kinda Tropical (3501 E 7th St) – Indivisible Austin, Cine Las Americas Film Festival & Kinda Tropical are throwing a benefit for Casa Marianella, the only homeless shelter in Austin serving recently-arrived immigrants and asylum seekers from around the world, in the form of a World Cup (or Mundial) themed party the day before the World Cup Final. Get an event shirt, for which 100% of proceeds go to Casa Marianella. (Facebook event )

Action Spotlight: Bishop Michael Curry at the T. Don Hutto Detention Center

Photo: Grassroots Leadership

From the Statesman:

On Sunday, in a setting far removed from the royal wedding, the Most Rev. Michael Curry spoke again of love. This time, he stressed the importance of love for one’s neighbor.

“We come in love. We come in love because we follow Jesus,” Curry, the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, said during a prayer service that drew an estimated 1,100 worshippers outside the T. Don Hutto detention center in Taylor. “Jesus taught us love. Love your neighbor. … The teachings of Jesus to love God and love our neighbor is at the core and the heart of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.”

Read the full article >>

Get to Know: Austin Sanctuary Network

Austin Sanctuary NetworkThe Austin Sanctuary Network (ASN) is a coalition of over 30 congregations and organizations (including Indivisible Austin) that supports immigrants fleeing violence or in danger of deportation, coordinating campaigns in solidarity with immigrants who take sanctuary to stop their deportations. ASN was formed after a queer Guatemalan woman sought sanctuary in 2015 and won a stay of deportation after a two-and-a-half month campaign. After the election in 2016, ICE began more aggressively pursuing undocumented immigrants in and around Austin, using techniques that violated human rights and common decency. In response, ASN decided to broaden its scope. ASN joined immigrants in direct actions at City Hall and at the Capitol in Austin. Several members were arrested protesting SB4 at the Governor’s Office. ASN contributed to the No Ban/No Wall protest and other vigils and actions, and continues to do so.

How you can volunteer to help right now:

  • The network provides an accompaniment program which takes immigrants to their court hearings, ICE check-ins in San Antonio, appointments with their attorneys, and other destinations as requested to meet their needs and care for their families. To offer rides through the accompaniment program, contact Peggy Morton at morton.peg@gmail.com.
  • Hilda and Alirio enjoy scheduled visits from community members, particularly when ASN can arrange for an interpreter to be present with visitors that don’t speak Spanish. To join a group visit, contact Sara Clough at sara@indivisibleaustin.com.

The network stands in solidarity with undocumented immigrants, honoring and respecting every individual. ASN is committed to confronting violent structures and actions with bold compassion and courageous love, standing up for people’s rights, regardless of status. ASN educates the faith community and the community as a whole about the refugee crisis and mass migration, partnering with other educators and multi-faith groups in Texas and the country who approach the crisis from an ethical and theological perspective.

Read the Austin Sanctuary Network’s latest Newsletter >> 

Your Moment of Zen

We’d like to share with you one of our most consistent sources of joy: sled dogs. Don’t believe us? Check out the new puppies belonging to dogsled racer and sometime-political-tweeter Blair Braverman. Better yet, hop right into the middle of this thread about them and their granddog, Hari:

Funding the Fight


In 120 days, we WILL bring accountability to DC for all the incompetence, corruption, criminality, and cruelty we’ve seen…

IF we do the work between now and November to:

  • REACH every potential voter
  • SHOW them that there is a better path for them and for America AND
  • Register them to vote and make sure they know how under Texas’s biased laws

Indivisible Austin will take up this challenge. We need your help in so many ways to achieve success. Start by being a supporter today.

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