Take Action: Early voting in the 2018 Primary Election starts this week!


Early voting in the 2018 Primary Election starts this week!

Be A Texas VoterEarly voting in the primary starts on Tuesday, February 20. There are early voting locations (and even mobile voting locations) in all five Austin-area counties. If you’re used to voting early in November elections, make sure you double check that your usual polling location is in business! We’ve put together a resource page to help you get ready to vote this week. Tag @indivisibleatx on Twitter with a pic of your I VOTED sticker and use the hashtag #BeATexasVoter!


Demand Congress kick the NRA to the curb and combat gun violence

The students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (and our students right here at home) have issued an ultimatum to our lawmakers: do not let any more of us die at school as a result of your inaction and our country’s ineffective gun laws. We join the brave students in their call to action, and we’ve gathered the details on how our Austin-area representatives have responded to recent demands to enact commonsense, effective gun laws. Our gun laws won’t change until our leaders do. Tag @indivisibleatx on Twitter and use the hashtag #ThrowThemOut to let us know you’ve made the calls!


Calendar highlights this week

  • Monday to Friday, Feb. 19-23, 12-5 PM – Grassroots Leadership visits Laura Monterrosa at Hutto Detention Center (Facebook event)
  • Saturday, Feb. 24, 2-4 PM – Moms Demand Action holds Austin Chapter Monthly Meeting,
    Terrazas Branch, Austin Public Library, 1105 E. Cesar Chavez (Facebook event)

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Congress Critter Corner

Rep. Bill Flores: Social Media Snowflake

Rep. Bill FloresRep. Bill Flores (TX-17) is notorious for blocking his constituents on Twitter and deleting their comments on Facebook. In response, a North Austin software engineer created the Flores Filter–a Facebook page (and also Twitter handle) that allows you to see what Bill Flores considers too incendiary for his page. Here are some recent examples of the types of over-the-top, shrill comments that Rep. Flores doesn’t want his constituents to see:

“So you advocate increasing funding of the military and then balancing the budget on those needing Medicare and Medicaid?”

“Why did you not participate in the debate at Texas A&M last Friday? It would have been good to hear your point of view on several notable issues.”

“Bonuses are not equal to wages.”

And that’s the kind of radical, hateful rhetoric that’s too hot for Bill Flores!

Organization Spotlight

JoltEvery other week we’ll be showcasing a local organization working to change the future of Texas. Considering the rise in anti-immigrant sentiment since Trump’s election and the failure of elected officials to adequately stand up for a clean DREAM Act, the stakes for the Texas Latinx folks are ever higher.

Jolt is a Texas-based multi-issue organization that builds the political power and influence of Latinos in our democracy. Jolt knows Latinos have the power to make change and that we can have a say in how Texas is run. There are 10.8 million Latinos in Texas and together we can decide who gets elected, influence what laws get passed and lead on the issues that are most important to our families and communities. Learn more about Jolt at jolttx.org.

Action spotlight

Beginning Wednesday, February 14, local advocacy group Grassroots Leadership organized an ongoing protest bringing attention to the mistreatment of Laura Monterrosa, an asylum-seeker from El Salvador detained by ICE since May, at the T. Don Hutto Residential Center. Monterrosa was held in solitary confinement in retaliation for refusing to recant her report of sexual assault by a Center guard. Community allies will continue daily action at the center until Laura is released.

Your moment of zen

Click through for a reminder, courtesy of these two puppers, to enjoy some relaxing time with those you love:

Bathtime bliss

Win Tickets to Pod Save America

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BETTER NEWS! You can increase your chances to win by encouraging your friends to sign up for the Indivisible Austin email list. Send them to the link below and be sure to have them enter your information under “Who sent you?”

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