Effective Facebook Use for Indivisible Groups

This informative guide to the ins and outs of Facebook was put together by an Indivisible working group last year: How to Use Facebook Effectively.

94% of Indivisible groups were using Facebook as of April 2017 and that makes sense—68% of Americans adults are on Facebook and 58% use it daily. Facebook is an effective way for activist groups to do outreach and share events (see: The Women’s March), but major problems develop for groups that try to use it as their only communications tool—and those challenges grow as groups grow.

This document gives you the information and guidance you need to make Facebook work for your group, including what functions are better handled on other platforms.

Good organization and communication are so critical to our efforts. If you’re an admin or an active user of an Indivisible Facebook group or page – or if you’re not even sure what the difference is between a “group” and a “page” – then take some time to read this short guide.

And pass it on!

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