Take Action: Tell John Cornyn and Ted Cruz to withdraw their endorsements of Roy Moore

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Tell John Cornyn and Ted Cruz to withdraw their endorsements of Roy Moore

Update 11/13/17:

Both Ted Cruz and John Cornyn have endorsed alleged child molester and nominee to the US Senate, Roy Moore. Along with Rand Paul—who is home with six broken ribs—they the last senators still supporting Moore, despite considerable pressure.

Let’s keep that pressure on.

Call Ted Cruz and John Cornyn and ask what, exactly, it would take for them to disavow Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore. At what point is a GOP candidate so unqualified—and frankly disgusting—that he would no longer have their support?

Read more about Cornyn and Cruz’s failure to withdraw their endorsements of Roy Moore >>

Help Get Out the Vote in Alabama!

The choice in Alabama could not be more stark. As CNBC reporter Christine Wilkie tweeted:

And here’s the thing… Alabama is winnable. The race is tied. And as we saw in Virginia last week, progressives are mobilizing in huge numbers. But it takes work—and you can help from your home in Texas.

Text HELLO to 484-ASK-ABBY to get started sending postcards to Alabama voters

Find your Facebook friends in Alabama. Write a postcard. Get Alabamians to VOTE on December 12th. >>

Tell Cornyn and Cruz to Oppose the Confirmation of Brett Talley to the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama

Update 11/13/17 (it just gets worse):

Last week, Sens. Cornyn and Cruz and the other GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee forwarded to the full Senate the nomination of Brett Talley for a lifetime federal judgeship. The nonpartisan American Bar Association (ABA) has given Mr. Talley its lowest possible rating: unanimous Not Qualified—largely because Talley, at 36 years old, has never even argued a motion in federal district court.

In committee, Cornyn and Cruz may have already said Yes to the tragically unqualified Tally, but that doesn’t mean this is over, or that they shouldn’t hear from you. Tell Cornyn and Cruz that their endorsement of Tally is an embarrassment to Texas and to our judicial system. Tally’s inexperience and extremist views make him wholly unfit for a lifetime appointment. When the full Senate votes on his confirmation, Cornyn and Cruz need to say No to Talley.

Read more about Tally’s extremist views from the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights >>

Tax scam

The Trump Tax Scam increases inequality, raise taxes on the middle class and working poor, and lays the groundwork to RADICALLY CUT Medicare and Medicaid.

Chart from Joint Committee on Taxation showing that millionaires get a tax cut 145 times as large as the median income

  • Call your House representative EARLY this week and tell them to vote “NO.” The house will vote on the bill before the end of the week.
  • The Senate is marking up their tax bill this week. Call Cornyn and Cruz and tell them not raise taxes on the poor and middle class to finance tax cuts for Millionaires and Billionaires.
  • Your friends probably know this unpopular bill is bad. Encourage them to call too.

Get call scripts from Indivisible Project >>

Support Cornyn’s baby steps on gun legislation

Since the devastating shooting in Sutherland Springs that we’re all still grieving, Sen. Cornyn has been making some…interesting noises regarding background checks.

And shortly after the (also devastating) Las Vegas shooting, Cornyn suggested that perhaps we ought to look at bump stocks. Those calls went quiet for a while, but the Judiciary Committee, of which he is a member, will hold a hearing on Tuesday.

From the latest reports, Sen. Cornyn will introduce bipartisan legislation as early as Monday to improve background checks with respect to convictions that should prevent someone from being able to buy a gun.

There’s no bill yet, but it wouldn’t hurt to call Cornyn and let him know that you support efforts to strengthen background checks and close loopholes that would allow convicted felons and abusers from buying guns.

Keep sounding the alarm on CHIP funding

We’ve shared a lot in the past about the impact the government’s total and complete failure to ensure millions of children don’t get kicked off their health insurance. Now we know that Texas is going to run out of CHIP funding very soon, and families will start getting notices in December that their coverage will end soon.

Call your representative and both senators and demand a bipartisan CHIP funding solution NOW. 400,000 Texas kids are at risk.

30+ Texas groups send URGENT CHIP letter to Washington>>


Monday, November 13

Wednesday, November 15

  • 7 p.m. Indivisible Cedar Park Monthly Meeting, Twin Creeks Country Club, 3201 Twin Creeks Club Dr, Cedar Park, TX

Saturday, November 18

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Strategic Anti-Racist Direct Action Training, University Baptist Church, 2130 Guadalupe. This training is brought to you by an exciting collaboration among groups including: Undoing White Supremacy Austin, Indivisible Austin, IfNotNow Austin, AZAAD, Left Up to Us, Austin Democratic Socialists of America, Austin Jews for Justice, Pantsuit Austin – Racial Justice

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