Training: Military 101: Understanding Shared Values Across Communities – August 5, 2017

For decades now, conservative Republicans have acted as though they have a lock on the veteran vote. For much of that time, moderates and Democrats have quietly ceded outreach to the other side. Have you ever thought of why? There is a lot of misinformation about the US military and veterans. You may have experienced it yourself.

Have you often wondered how to talk to Bill, your Vietnam veteran uncle? You know he’s on the fence about Trump, but you feel certain that if you can just learn how to “speak his language” you two could find a way to discuss the current environment. What should you say to your neighbor, Deb, who just came back, wounded, from her second tour in Afghanistan? And what the heck does your coworker, Devon, do every summer when he goes away for two weeks with the National Guard?

Wonder no more! Indivisible Austin is teaming up with the Truman Project to help educate the civilian community about military life. Our goal is to help give you the information you need to communicate more effectively with service members, veterans, and military families.

Only 7.3% of living Americans have served in the U.S. military at some point of their lives, leaving most policymakers, advocates, and everyday citizens with a dearth of knowledge about the military’s organization and culture. Taught by military veterans, this training covers everything from high-level questions about the values of those who serve in the military all the way down to details about the differences between the various branches and ranks. Participants will walk away with a better sense of who serves in our military, why they do it and the values of public service and equality they share with the progressive community.

Location is in Central Austin.


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  1. Wow, cool event! So important for people to understand what our service members do. Thanks from a military spouse!

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