How Your Voices Made a Difference Last Week: GOP’s Blind Support Is Crumbling

Courtesy of 5 Minute Activism

  • The Department of Justice has finally named a special prosecutor to oversee the FBI investigation into the possible collusion between Donald/Donald’s campaign and Russia. Former FBI director Robert Mueller is widely seen as nonpartisan and is respected on both sides of the aisle (his term as FBI head was even extended) as honest, trustworthy, and dogged.
  • If you worry that the relentless stream of toxicity pouring out of the White House will erode the will of the American people to fight back, fear not: Apparently the Republican administration and White House staff are equally exhausted and perhaps even more demoralized. From a highly sourced NYTimes article about the growing disillusionment with Donald inside the White House: “A dozen of Mr. Trump’s aides and associates…spoke candidly, in a way they were unwilling to do just weeks ago, about the damage that the administration’s standing has suffered in recent weeks and the fatigue that was setting in after months of having to defend the president’s missteps, Twitter posts and unpredictable actions.”
  • Republicans’ blind support of Donald is beginning to crumble. Republican Senators John McCain and Bob Corker have sharply criticized the president and called for investigation. Even Mitch McConnell has expressed exasperation with all the “drama” coming from the White House and said Comey needs to testify before the Senate publicly. Other MoCs continue to fall away from their willfully blind support in an effort to bail off the Titanic of this administration.
  • In a sudden flurry of action, the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees have asked the White House for all existing records of interactions between Comey and Trump, including transcripts of any tapes, after Donald threatened that some might exist. The Senate Intelligence and Judiciary committees have asked for all Comey’s notes relating to the Russia investigation, and asked Comey to testify; as has the House committee that has called a hearing (finally) to find out whether Donald interfered in the FBI investigation. James Comey has agreed to testify in an open (read: public) hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee.
  • Rep Eric Swalwell has introduced a bill on the House floor called the Protecting our Democracy Act, which would establish an independent, 9/11-style commission to investigate Russian interference. So far it has 199 cosponsors (but only two are Republicans).
  • When Donald’s administration put out a public call for people to state which EPA regulations they’d like to roll back, more than 55,000 people spoke out–overwhelmingly in support of the EPA and its current regulations, many even asking for more stringent measures to protect the environment.

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