How Your Voices Made a Difference Last Week: March 5, 2017

There is so much positive news to share! We’re making a big difference. Now is not the time to relax our guard, though. We’re making headway, and fault lines are beginning to show. So it’s time to keep the heat on.

Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions finally recused himself from investigating Russia’s interference in our elections and the Republican administration’s collusion after news broke that he lied under oath in his confirmation hearings about not having had contact with Russia during the campaign. (He’s the second Republican cabinet member to perjure himself on this topic–the same thing brought Michael Flynn down.)

Look for more info of this nature to break. We also learned this week that President Obama’s White House made sure to secure and disseminate among intelligence officials with proper clearance the evidence about Russian/Republican admin collusion before leaving office, out of fears that it would be suppressed or destroyed. And thanks to top-notch investigative journalism by outlets like the Washington Post and NYTimes (support them! subscribe!), these stories are continuing to break. We won’t allow this to be swept under the rug, despite the efforts of the GOP.
And of course we had an amazing experience at Huston-Tillotson University with Rep. Lloyd Doggett, State Rep. Celia Israel, and 700 of our closest friends. If you were there, or there in spirit, you know that Indivisible is a positive, uplifting movement. It is bringing together people from all walks of life to oppose authoritarianism and defend democracy. Read more about it here.

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