How to Get More Involved with IATX

Your Indivisible Austin steering committee has been working hard over the last couple of weeks to¬†figure out just what the heck we’re all doing as part of this incredible movement, and who and what we need to do even more.

We have needs, y’all. So many needs. And the good news is we have lots and lots of people. So we put out this little volunteer survey to match the people with the needs! Take the survey now and you (and we!) will be so happy you did!

Have you loved being part of our in-person actions? If so, are you interested in helping to plan more in the future? We have an opportunity for that!

Are you a #txlege political animal who knows the ins-and-outs of the business under the pink dome? That’s expertise we can use!

Maybe you’re a social media maven who can help us take our online message to ever greater heights?

Media or PR whiz? Need ’em.

Security experts? Want ’em.

“People” people who can help recruit folks, plan training opportunities, and just be all around nice folks to people who want to learn about Indivisible? Yes, please.

And so. many. more.

Take the survey now

Thank you!

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  1. I’m not getting updates by email or text message! I’m looking for a group to join!
    I’ve done your volunteer survey. I’ve sent emails, no response.

    I’ve gotten NO RESPONSE. Why? What am I doing or not doing right?

    1. Hi Phyllis! Have you signed up for the email updates (on the home page), and have you connected with your district group yet? We have contact information for each district on the website (they all operated a little differently).

      The good news is that we’ve had 500 people fill out the volunteer survey! The bad news is that we had 500 people fill out the survey, so it’s taking us a little time to sort through the answers.

      1. I cannot find the district group on any of the websites …that’s the whole point of writing you …I need to be directed how to join a group.

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