Meeting Agenda for Jan. 7, 2017


Fill out name tags with your first name (only) and US Congressional District.

Introductions (5-10 min)

Background: Meet a few of the core team members

Meeting facilities now and in the future — if you can pony up a few bucks for the UCC and other expenses, please do!

Goals of the Movement (10 min)

Calling congressmen and attending town halls, visits to congressmen’s local offices, forming relationships with aides

Austin-specific issues (5 min)

  • Congressional gerrymandering
  • Need for other groups to form by district and/or township


Volunteer Needs (10 min)

  • Event help
    • Meeting spaces — we are already too big to meet as a single group
    • Hospitality folks
    • Event planners
    • Find speakers
    • Planners for Women’s march in Austin (we need people to take this and run with it)
    • Planners for Inauguration Day protest in Austin Jan. 20
  • Researchers
    • Congressional Rep trackers — need to crowdsource tracking of public appearances to post on our website
    • What bills are coming up in congress
  • Techies
    • Social media managers and signal boosters
    • Podcasters
    • Audio transcription
    • WordPress developers
  • COMMS Support
    • Bloggers
    • PR
    • Script writers
    • Email response
    • Media outreach & watchdogs
    • Rapid response letter writers
  • Liaisons with other groups (other Indivisible groups but also churches, ACLU, Texas Dems, Lloyd Doggett’s office, etc.)
  • and on and on and on!

Q&A (5-10 min)

need to be done by 11 to leave plenty of time for breakouts

BREAKOUTS (1 hour)

1-Special Projects

2-District Teams

  • Exchange contact info (use Signal!)
  • How to contact congressman
  • Know about scripts?
  • Know their schedule?
  • Discuss geographic span of your district — you probably need to reach out to people in other cities because the districts are HUGE
  • Discuss what activities are already happening and get others involved
  • Discuss future plans: Websites, Social Media, Direct Action, etc.


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