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A special message for John Cornyn: China didn’t make the US the epicenter of the coronavirus. Trump did.

Sen. John Cornyn is taking it upon himself to single-handedly shift blame for the US death toll from COVID-19 away from Donald Trump and onto…China. Cornyn’s shameless sycophancy will get people killed. It will also likely raise millions of dollars for John Cornyn.

Cornyn blame-shifting fundraising letter

Regardless of the source of the virus, or whatever missteps China made in slowing its spread, Cornyn’s “blame China” reelection strategy makes absolutely no sense, except as propaganda. Every other country, with access to the same set of facts about the virus, has handled it better than the US has. With 88,000 deaths in the US—and counting—compared to 4,000 in much-larger China, there is no way to spin such a catastrophic failure of government.

Taking China out of the equation—they may very well have underreported their statistics—the US has 272 deaths per million. Germany? 96. South Korea? Five.

These numbers are shameful and they are not getting better. The reason they are not getting better has nothing to do with China, and everything to do with the uncaring, incompetent response of Donald J. Trump and his coterie of enablers like John Cornyn. In his desperation to retain power, Cornyn is trying to agitate a diminishing base of low-information voters. Let’s push back on this cynical strategy. Let Cornyn know he has blood on his hands. And just as important, let’s vote him the hell out of office.

Write or call Cornyn now

Important Election Dates:

June 29 to July 10: Early voting in primary runoff election. MJ Hegar and Royce West are vying for the nomination to defeat John Cornyn.

July 14: Primary Runoff Election Day

October 19 to October 30: Early voting in General Election.

November 3: Election Day

Action of the Week: Body Bags at the Governor’s Mansion

Indivisible Austin was proud to coordinate with two other states to pull off this socially distanced action at the Governor’s Mansion—drawing attention to the inadequate response by Gov. Greg Abbott to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tell Greg Abbott that mass casualties is not a plan

Virtual Events

Wednesday, May 20

Public Tribunal for why changes are needed in Austin Police Department leadership

6 p.m. on Zoom. In the wake of the shooting death of Mike Ramos, Austin Justice Coalition hosts an online public event to allow folks from across the community to lay out the reasons for calling for firing police leadership.

Sign the Petition

RSVP with Austin Justice Coalition on Zoom

Saturday, May 23

Webinar: The renters’ guide to eviction defense

2 p.m. In many parts of Texas, evictions may resume starting May 18. Learn the basics of eviction law and how to protect yourself. (Please note, the City of Austin, Travis County have postponed evictions for nonpayment of rent until July 25, and some other local jurisdictions have as well)

RSVP on Zoom

Swing Left’s National Virtual Letter Writing Party – the Texas Edition!

2 p.m. Now’s the time to work on the 2020 elections! Even though lots of us are isolated right now to protect our communities, we can still get together virtually to make an impact. Join Swing Left staff and volunteers from around the country for a virtual letter writing party supporting races up and down the ballot in Texas.

RSVP on Mobilize

Tuesday, May 26

Doctors in Politics Candidate Forum with Dr. Christine Eady Mann

8 p.m. Visit to join.

Dr. Christine Eady Mann

Upcoming: Tuesday June 2

Texas Senate Runoff Debate with MJ Hegar and Royce West

Livestreamed on KXAN and other stations. Details to come.

COVID-19 News & Resources

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  1. The president has deliberately spread misinformation about COVID-19. He lies and constantly blames his failures on others. Blaming China for the virus is just one example of this serious character flaw. You are a mature man. You do not demonstrate leadership by knuckling under to a White House occcupant who exhibits the behavior of a schoolyard bullly.

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