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The Amazon is on fire. What can you do?

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The Notre Dame fire received 15 times more news coverage than the fires in the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon fires, many of them set intentionally by a corrupt regime to clear land for cattle, are rapidly increasing the global climate crisis. We know we need to pay more attention—but what does that mean from Austin, TX? What can we do?

  1. Call your reps. Tell them to pressure the White House to work with our allies like France and Ireland to pressure Bolsanaro to stop the deforestation.
  2. Support organizations like Cool Earth and Rainforest Action Network.
  3. Keep talking about the crisis. The media and our elected leaders respond to what people like us are shouting loudest about.

(hat tip to Celeste Pewter—follow her on Twitter)

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Support HR 3222 — No Funds for the Anti-Immigrant Public Charge Rule

Call your representatives and tell them to support HR 3222, which will prevent the public charge rule from taking effect by simply not allowing funds to be used to implement it.

If implemented, the rule will make it much more difficult for immigrants going through the immigration system to ever become citizens. It’s part of the administration’s calculated plans to make America less diverse and less welcoming to those seeking to build a better life. In Texas, where more than one in four of our children live with immigrant parents, the impact can’t be overstated.

Demand impeachment because…wtf

Demand Impeachment Inquiry Now

Each week we pick one or two of the most urgent actions to include in this newsletter. During weeks like this one—when Trump tacitly endorsed deforestation of the Amazon, escalated a trade war that sunk the stock market, coddled the North Korean dictator, reversed his stance on passing gun-control legislation, unleashed an anti-Semitic rant, and proposed rolling back the Flores settlement that limits the amount of time children can be caged—all we can do is throw up our hands and demand impeachment.

Write your reps demanding an impeachment inquiry now


Monday, August 26

Town Hall with U.S. Congressman Lloyd Doggett

5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at The Riveter Austin, 1145 West 5th Street

Doggett supports impeachment - honk to impeach!

Join us for a town hall with US Congressman Lloyd Doggett, who represents communities from Austin to San Antonio. Hear from Congressman Doggett about the state of our federal government and how you can be even more civically engaged. Additional elected officials will be announced soon.

Congressman Doggett serves as Chairman of the Health Subcommittee on the House Ways & Means Committee and on the House Budget Committee.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Gun Legislation
  • Health care
  • Climate change
  • Immigration
  • Education
  • Economy

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Wednesday, August 28

City of Austin Budget Hearing

6 p.m at City Hall

Join Austin Justice Coalition and other advocacy groups at the second budget hearing to make sure Austin City Council knows that mental health reform is a need in this city and should be a funding priority.

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Friday, August 30

TARA Austin Chapter Meeting with US Congressman Michael McCaul

Michael McCaul

The Texas Asian Republican Assembly of Austin is having a meeting 6:45PM, Friday August 30th, 2018 at Casa Chapala, 9041 Research Blvd. Suite 100 Austin TX 78758.

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