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Take Action

This is not normal. It’s time to end gun violence in America.

Our hearts are broken for the victims and survivors of mass shootings in El Paso, Dayton, and everywhere. Our hearts are broken for the 36,000 Americans killed by guns every year. Our hearts are broken for the 22,000 of them who die by gun suicide. And our hearts are broken for the 3,000 children, also killed each year by firearms in America. Our hearts are just broken.

The shooting in El Paso is the natural byproduct of lax gun laws and white supremacy. (The shooter drove nine hours to kill immigrants.) It’s exactly the kind of stochastic terrorism our president encourages at his rallies, yet later claims plausible deniability in the ensuing acts of violence. It’s what happens when the people in power don’t care about the people they represent. We can stop it. But it’s going to take all of us.

What you can do:

  1. Call or write your reps. There is common sense gun legislation that has already passed the House and on which Mitch McConnell refuses to hold a vote in the Senate. Remember, too, that your reps are in town this month for the August recess. Call their local offices. Tell your story. Speak your truth.
  2. Get organized for 2020. We Texans are represented by some of the most venal politicians in America. John Cornyn’s senate seat is in play, and of course every House seat is flippable. Make sure you are registered to vote; become a VDR so you can register others to vote; donate to and blockwalk for candidates who support legislation to end gun violence. The Texas primaries are approaching fast.
  3. Support organizations doing the work to end gun violence. Here are a few:
    1. Texas Gun Sense
    2. Moms Demand Action
    3. March for Our Lives

We don’t have to die this way. Write your Senators. 

It’s August recess: Call you local reps’ offices to demand impeachment

Rep. Doggett supports an impeachment inquiry

Your House reps are in town for the August recess, which is an opportunity to pressure staff at their local offices to demand an impeachment inquiry for Donald Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors.

During his time in the White House he’s become more emboldened, more overt in his hostility toward anyone outside his white, male Fox New base. He’s separating children from their mothers and locking them in camps. He sold out our nation to Russia, and obstructed Robert Mueller’s investigation into that fact. There are multiple, credible allegations of sexual assault against him. He continues to try to deprive millions of Americans of quality healthcare—a basic human right. Need we go on?

Call your House reps at these numbers. (If Lloyd Doggett, is your rep, call to thank him, as he supports an impeachment inquiry.)

Who represents me?

  • Rep. McCaul: (512) 473-2357
  • Rep. Flores: (512) 373-3378
  • Rep. Roy: (512) 871-5959
  • Rep. Williams: (512) 473-8910
  • Rep. Carter: (512) 246-1600
  • Rep. Doggett: (512) 916-5921

If you are unable to call, send your House rep a letter in just a couple of clicks

How your voices are making a difference

  • John Ratcliffe is out as Donald’s head of intelligence
  • A Baltimore church booted Ben Carson off its property
  • Rick Perry admitted that global warming is manmade

Learn to bear with fortitude


Tuesday, August 6

Pride is Still a Protest ATX

5:30 p.m. at Impact Hub Austin, 411 W Monroe St.

Sponsored by ACLU of Texas: “Join us and our partners at the Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT) and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to celebrate Pride and take action for trans justice in our state.”

RSVP with ACLU of Texas

Austin Vigil for Voting Rights

6:00 p.m. at David Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, 2211 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

Sponsored by Public Citizen, Texas Civil Rights Project, Indivisible Austin and Common Cause Texas: to celebrate the 54th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act and urge Congress to restore the Voting Rights Advancement Act

Facebook event

Wednesday, August 7

Screening of “When They See Us” with Austin Justice Coalition

7 to 9 p.m. at Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex, 1156 Hargrave St.

Join Austin Justice Coalition and our community partners for screenings and small community town halls throughout the month of August 2019.

***This is a FREE community event***

Each Wednesday, beginning August 7, we will screen Ava DuVernay’s four-part mini-series, “When They See US”. Following each screening, we will have short community drive discussions revolving around issues that arise in the series.

Get tickets

Wednesdays, August 7 to September 11

Empower U Austin Leadership Training

6-week community workshop provides participants with the skills and connections to achieve the changes they want for their families and community. We help individuals turn their passion for community change into reality. Our curriculum is presented by experts in their fields and covers topics such as:

  • Activism and Community Change
  • Understanding the Local Power Structure
  • Building Communities for Action and
  • Collaboration/Coalition Building
  • Growing Your Movement Through Messaging

Dinner provided. Free!

Facebook event

Website calendar

Sunday, August 11

FINAL SHOW: Live Readings from Volume II of the Mueller Report

TX25 candidate Julie Oliver reads from the Mueller Report on August 4, 2019

Doors open at 5 p.m. at North Door Austin, 501 Brushy St.

Join voice actor Shannon McCormick and other special guests for the grand finale of our series of live readings from the Mueller Report.

RSVP to let us know you’re coming!

Wednesday, August 14

Unwelcome Reception: Rally Against ALEC

4:30 p.m. at Fareground at One Eleven, 111 Congress Avenue

Read: ALEC is coming to Texas. Here’s why that’s bad. (Progress Texas)

**Meet outside Fareground at 4:30PM**

The American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, is convening in Austin from Aug. 14-16 at the J.W. Marriott for their 46th annual meeting.


ALEC is just another way for corporate interests to control our government.

  • They take power away from everyday Texans and put it into the hands of the wealthy few.
  • They’re behind bad legislation like “Stand Your Ground” gun legislation and Voter ID.
  • They use corporate contributions to sell prepackaged conservative bills that hurt our communities.

Let’s take back our power! Let’s take back our state! Join us for our Unwelcome Reception and Rally!

Monday, August 26

Town Hall with U.S. Congressman Lloyd Doggett

5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at The Riveter Austin, 1145 West 5th Street

Join us for a town hall with US Congressman Lloyd Doggett, who represents communities from Austin to San Antonio. Hear from Congressman Doggett about the state of our federal government and how you can be even more civically engaged. Additional elected officials will be announced soon.

Congressman Doggett serves as Chairman of the Health Subcommittee on the House Ways & Means Committee and on the House Budget Committee.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Health care
  • Climate change
  • Immigration
  • Education
  • Economy

RSVP for this Town Hall

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