Take Action: Tell Congress: Condemn the Trump Administration’s separation of families

Take Action

Tell Congress: Condemn the Trump Administration’s separation of families

Fact: The Trump Administration’s new policy of systematically ripping children from the arms of migrant mothers and fathers at the U.S. border—as punishment for seeking asylum in the U.S—is a moral crisis. There are babies as young as 18 months old being taken away from their parents at the border.

  • Even Mitch McConnell spoke out against Donald’s actions
  • A PA rep is retiring because “all I do is answer questions about Donald Trump”
  • Teachers are running for office in unprecedented numbers

Read more in “How Your Voices Are Making a Difference” >>

We rallied and marched over the weekend, and now we need to keep the pressure on. The national Indivisible team has a great new resource, including call scripts. There are also local organizations fighting this issue head on. Give them your time and money.

  • Grassroots Leadership is fighting for the rights of detainees in Williamson County
  • The Austin Sanctuary Network (of which Indivisible Austin is a member) supports asylum members here in Austin
  • RAICES welcomes volunteers and provides free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees in Texas

Hold a postcard party to block Trump’s awful judicial nominees

Trump’s time in office will be relatively short (knock on wood). But we will be feeling the effects of his judiciary picks for generations.

From Indivisible East Bay:

During President Obama’s terms, the Senate Republicans rejected his nominees for the federal courts at all levels. Their most egregious action was to ignore Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland for the U.S. Supreme Court. Senate Republicans refused to even hold hearings to consider Garland’s nomination.

As a result of this program of obstruction, there are now many vacancies throughout the federal court system, and Trump and the Senate Republicans are ready to pack the court with very conservative, right-wing judges. We believe this situation is cause for alarm.

Indivisible East Bay has been doggedly tracking these nominees, and they have downloadable scripts that are perfect for postcards or calls to Cornyn or Cruz—both of whom are on the Judiciary Committee.

More from Indivisible East Bay >>

Learn about “red flag” laws in advance of interim hearings on June 25

After three days of closed-door roundtable meetings earlier this month with only invited parties (including the Texas state chapter of the NRA), Greg Abbott released his 40-point plan to address school safety. Big surprise, it’s light on any actual commonsense gun safety reforms.

However, there is one idea under consideration that would (temporarily) keep guns out of the hands of people at risk for violence. Among the recommendations is to study “red flag” laws that would allow a judge to temporarily seize a person’s gun if they were determined to be an imminent threat. These are also known as “extreme risk protection orders,” and Speaker Straus issued an interim charge for a House committee to study this issue and others.

Sign up to join Moms Demand Action at the June 25 House Criminal Jurisprudence hearing on “red flag” laws>>

Learn about “red flag” laws from Everytown for Gun Safety>>

Get detailed info on state extreme risk protection order laws already in place>>


Action Spotlight:

National Day of Action for Children in Austin

United We Dream Austin banner

PHOTO: United We Dream Austin

In record heat, we stood with our allies to fight against Trump’s new family-separation policy. We heard from policymakers and advocates working to protect migrants, but more importantly we heard directly from several refugees and asylees like Sedrick Murhula who have fought through our broken immigration system to win their cases.

The event began with a rally at Republic Square Park, and then culminated with a march to the “Mavericks Conference” where Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, and Mike McCaul joined nine other speakers (only one of whom is female, not that we’re counting) at a $200-per-ticket sock hop for young conservatives.

Protesters rally in downtown Austin against family border separations >> (Statesman)

More photos from the Statesman >>

Q&A with Cat Yuracka of the Resistance Choir of South Central TexasCat Yuracka

The Resistance Choir of South Central Texas was the brainchild of TX21 Indivisible activist Cat Yuracka, who in April 2017 pulled together like-minded, “more enthusiastic than talented” activists to partake in the joy of communal singing. Since then, the Choir has brought traditional and contemporary protest songs, songs of social justice and “revolutionary snark” to meetings, marches, rallies, protests, candidate forums, parades, private parties, and one ill-conceived Special Session of the Texas Legislature.

Read our Q&A with Cat >>

Congress Critter of the Week: Big Lyin’ John Cornyn

The Trump administration’s policy of tearing children from parents of families seeking asylum is a barbaric and punitive deterrent.

In the normal course of a democratic republic like ours, citizens can object to a policy like this by contacting their elected representatives. This is not the normal course of things, and in Texas we rarely have representatives who represent us.

When Texans come out in droves to protest and register their objections to yanking toddlers away from their mothers, all John Cornyn can manage is to lie, taking a swipe at Democrats, instead of doing anything about the problem.

Assuming that the Senator is attempting to refer to something that occurred, instead of just firing off a nonsensical attack (surely that can’t be the case), none of the immigration bills that failed on the senate floor were focused on this issue. That’s because this wasn’t an issue at the time.

This evil had a specific, recent starting point, with Attorney General Sessions declaring that the Justice Department would prosecute asylum seekers and use that as a justification for tearing their children away from them, ultimately doing irreparable harm to many.

This isn’t a failure of the Democrats or even the result of a specific bad law. Solving this doesn’t require a legislative solution that will never actually show up but will provide a fig leaf for the Senator to pretend like he cares. This is an evil policy choice by the administration, and we need representatives like Cornyn to find the courage to stop lying and actually do the right thing, by telling Trump and Sessions to make a better choice.

Moment of Zen

June is #PrideMonth, in honor of 1969’s Stonewall riots. To kick off a festive and joyous month, please enjoy Becky McCabe and Jessa Gillaspie, who both proposed to one another on the same day at the Memphis Zoo:

Indivisible Austin Needs Your Help

bolt cutters

A few weeks ago, our storage locker was broken into. We lost almost everything we use to work events, from our folding table and pop up tent to protect us from the sun, to printed materials and signs, to the cart that we used to lug everything around.

All in all, it was more than $700 worth of supplies, and now the insurance company is giving us the runaround.

Can you be one of the people to help us recover by making a gift so we can get new supplies and equipment?

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