IT: Indivisible Technology

Looking for IT Help?

If you’re part of an Indivisible group and looking for help with information technology (IT), or just have a question for us, please fill out this brief form.

Our primary aim is to help groups in Central Texas, but don’t let that stop you if your inquiry is beyond that area. We’ll do whatever we can for anyone working to #resist.

Interested in Providing IT Help?

In addition to ongoing project work (see below), we’re establishing a resource pool: a list of people with a wide variety of technical experience who can be called on to help out as needed. Signing up for this isn’t a commitment to anything more than receiving occasional emails when a project or group identifies a need.

If you’re at all interested, please sign up here. That signup doesn’t commit you to anything, it just says you’re willing to receive occasional emails asking for help (and of course we won’t share your info with anyone, and opt-out is quick & painless).

The more people we have to call on, the better. Our goal is to be able to provide help with just about anything remotely technical. This includes roles like these:

  • web developers
  • web designers
  • social media folks
  • graphic designers
  • app developers at every level
  • people with video streaming and editing knowledge
  • writers
  • and more

We have an in-person working session and a video hangout session, each about once a month. Both are always optional and open to all team members.

A sample of our past, current, and upcoming projects:

  • – a platform for citizens to share the stories behind their support of the ACA
  • abstraction of to be a platform for use on on future issues
  • rapid notification system for local activists via SMS (text message)
  • a database, API, and website on the Texas state legislature, providing everything from legislator details to legislation and issues
  • evaluation and selection of internal communication tools
  • free WordPress hosting for Indivisible groups who want an online presence beyond social media
  • providing resources to advertise ACA enrollment, in light of federal spending cuts

If you hate the agenda of the Trump administration, and you love computers, you can help. Join us!