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Support Council Member Jimmy Flannigan, who was detained and harassed after a campaign event

On Saturday, Council Member Jimmy Flannigan—who’s in the December 15 runoff election—was blocked from leaving his campaign event by a maskless, screaming man. Annie Hartnett spoke to Flannigan the next day and has this dispatch about the intimidation that took place—most of which was caught on video.

Jimmy Flannigan harassed

Read more and watch the video (warning: disturbing)

Jimmy Flannigan and Alison Alter need your help!

The December 15 runoff elections include two City Council seats—held by Jimmy Flannigan and Alison Alter. There is always a massive dropoff in voter turnout between general elections and runoffs, which allows a very small group of people to determine the outcome. It is imperative that voters in Districts 6 & 10 show up to vote, and that the rest of us support the incumbents in every way we can.

Support Alison Alter

Support Jimmy Flanigan

Find your City Council district

See last week’s newsletter for ways to support Democrats in the Georgia runoffs

Learn About the Lege

From Indivisible TX Lege

Were you appalled by the voting rights suppression that Texans faced during this election? Worried that the new Federal Supreme Court Justice will tip the scales to reverse Roe v. Wade? Frustrated that Texas is one of the last states to expand Medicaid? Public ed, criminal justice reform, marajuana legalization – our state government can pass laws that address all of these things and more. Understanding how the legislature gets work done is instrumental if you want to influence it. We’ve developed a Virtual Texas Tour training to help you learn what you need to know. We can squeeze the content into 30 minutes, and ideally could fill 2 hours or more.

Email us: Reach out at indivisibletxlege@gmail.com if your group wants to schedule a Virtual Texas Tour

Let us know that you’re interested in attending a Virtual Texas Tour!

Tell Governor Greg Abbott to demand the resignation of Attorney General Ken Paxton

Weak and Crooked Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton

From the Lone Star Project:

Attorney General Ken Paxton has been indicted for fraud and is now is being investigated by the FBI for bribery.  His own staff has said he is abusing his power.  Add your name to the list and we’ll send the message to Greg Abbott: demand the resignation of the most corrupt Attorney General in Texas history.

Sign the petition

Actions from the national Indivisible Project:


Friday, December 4

Legislative Update on Redistricting and Testimony Refresher

12 p.m. Join Stephanie Swanson, LWVTX’s Redistricting Issue Chair, and Joaquin Gonzalez, Staff Attorney with the Texas Civil Rights Project, for an update on what’s happening on redistricting in Texas and what to expect in the upcoming session of the Texas legislature.

RSVP for the refresher

December 8 & 10

Fair Maps Texas virtual public input hearings

Fair Maps Texas: Virtual Public Input Hearings

The purpose of these hearings is to solicit public input about a region’s unique geographic and demographic characteristics from those residents most familiar with their own neighborhoods as well as ways to improve the upcoming redistricting process. This testimony is meant to provide context to the 2020 Census data and assists the Legislature when it draws district boundaries, so that district lines are drawn to keep your community whole and grouped with nearby communities with similar interests.

Everyone in the state is invited to participate during both hearings.

Local State Legislators will be invited to attend.

Read more and sign up at Fair Maps Texas

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