Five ways to flip Texas and defeat Trump

“Joe Biden can end the election on election night. All it takes is an investment in Texas.”

Beto O’Rourke, The Washington Post

Are you ready to end this national nightmare—and to end it on November 3, not in a drawn-out court battle? Texas’s 38 electoral votes are up for grabs. If the election swings our way, it’s over for Donald Trump.

How do we win Texas? By winning up and down the ballot. How do we do that? Here are five ways.

1. Fire John Cornyn

MJ Hegar is out-raising and out-organizing Sen. John Cornyn in Texas. Cornyn lacks the name recognition of Ted Cruz. And let’s face it: Of the people who know John Cornyn, literally no one likes John Cornyn. Let’s FIRE one of Trump’s chief enablers—the guy who made a Corona beer joke about coronavirus, the guy who shows pretend-concern while voting to cage children, the guy who dog-whistles his racist supporters.

Support MJ Hegar:

2. Fire Rep. Michael McCaul and flip TX10

In 2018, civil rights lawyer Mike Siegel narrowly lost to incumbent Michael McCaul—in a district gerrymandered for Republicans. Now, in 2020, Siegel is running again to finish the job. He’s been organizing for two years and the race is well within reach. Rep. McCaul, meanwhile, was recently caught on video refusing to wear a mask on an airplane. Fire him.

Support Mike Siegel:

3. Fire Rep. Chip Roy and flip TX21

Elected in 2018 to replace retiring Rep. Lamar Smith, Chip Roy—a protege of Ted Cruz and indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton—has done nothing for his district but demagogue and shill for insurance companies. He gives Louie Gohmert a run for his money in the “most embarrassing Texas politician” contest. Former state senator and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is running against Chip Roy. Davis achieved national recognition for her 11-hour filibuster of a sweeping Texas abortion bill and has worked tirelessly on behalf of Texans ever since. While Rep. Roy flouts mask mandates and whimpers about “herd immunity,” the Wendy Davis campaign has a 27-page guide to help TX21 residents stay safe and healthy.

Support Wendy Davis:

4. Fire Rep. Roger Williams and flip TX25

Rep. Roger Williams championed the Paycheck Protection Program, and then exploited it to take $1-2 million in loans for his car dealerships. He is one of the wealthiest members of Congress, yet took taxpayer money to sell used cars. Julie Oliver—who beat all expectations in her run against Williams in 2018—has been criscrossing every county of this massive, and massively gerrymandered, district, listening to the needs of constituents. To help those affected by the pandemic, her campaign offers mutual aid, assistance with Economic Injury Disaster Loans for small businesses and picking up necessities such as prescriptions for people in TX25.

Support Julie Oliver:

5. Flip the Texas House

Flip the Texas House

We need only nine seats to flip the Texas House. Why is this of national importance? The decennial United States census happens in 2020. This count is what informs how legislative districts are drawn all over the country. This only happens once a decade, so it is how gerrymandered districts happen, and endure. For Democrats in Texas to have a shot at fair legislative maps, we must gain control of one chamber of the state legislature. The State House is our best shot.

Bonus: Tweet for Texas!

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If you’re unable to—or finished with!—the actions above, here’s something else you can do if you’re on Twitter. We have a tool that makes it easy to tweet on behalf of candidates in flippable districts. It may seem like a small thing, but if enough people do it, we can make a difference.

The news is terrible. Every day brings a new violation of norms and deterioration of Democracy. It’s easy to feel despondent and powerless. But if we all channel that negative energy into positive action—we can and will WIN.

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  1. Itching to get my fingers on my ‘over 65 by mail ballot’ and send it back. Has not been mailed to me … yet … but checking the web site daily. Thankful I live in Lloyd Doggett’s district. Have already sent a small contribution to MJ for Texas.

  2. Great ACTION LIST – We must act and take initiative. We cannot let the trump and his grifter gop distract, deny and lie us into apathy or failure. Our time is now! VOTE VOTE VOTE! Donate, Volunteer. Reach out and make it happen. BIG BLUE WAVE ????

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